Be it the newly constructed CEDT lab for ECE  students or Object Oriented Technology Lab for the COE engineers, NSITians are blessed with one of the best equipped laboratories across the nation. Remaining true to its core value of “putting great emphasis on practical knowledge” NSIT leaves no stone unturned to let the theoretical information put to practical testing. 

With over 55 labs spread across 6 stream,  there is no dearth of opportunities for any NSITian to brainstorm the next big innovation or to even carry out an intense research.


ECE laboratories

COE laboratories

IT Labs

Bio-Tech labs


ICE Labs


ECE laboratories

1. Electronics Lab 1/2-These labs have basic equipments and play pivotal role in building strong foundations of an ECE engineer

2. Digital Integrated Circuits Lab I/II- The large number of 8085/8086 Trainer kits available help students grasp the complications of microprocessor applications besides  integrated circuits families (TTL, CMOS) as well as ROM, EROMS and RAM.

3. Micro Processor Lab I/II- Equipped with 8085 kits, 8051 kits, AVR RISC microcontroller kits, P-IV computers for 8085 assembler, AVR assembler and debugger and  C cross compiler, this lab is a haven for under-graduate and post graduate students alike.

4. Centre for Electronic Design and Technology Lab-This latest addition to the arsenal of NSIT labs, under esteemed Assistant Professor Dhananjay Vasudeo Gadre, presents exciting opportunities for the students to hone their skills in consultancy services, short term professional course besides product development for industry.

other than these, the ece department offers a lot more:

5.  Analog Integrated Circuits Lab

6.  Communication Engineering Lab

7.  Microwave Lab

8.  Digital Signal Processing Lab

9.  Circuit Simulation Lab

10.  Analog Signal Processing Research Lab

11.Advanced Communication Lab

12. PCB Design and Project Lab

13.  Telemetry and Computer Communication Lab

14.  Advance Circuit Design Lab

15.Speech Processing Lab

16. Advanced Electronics Lab

17.  Advanced Computation Lab

18.  Digital and Optical Communication Lab

19. Optical communication Research Lab

20. CASP Research lab

21.Statistical Signal Processing Lab


COE laboratories- To take their coding superpowers to an entirely different level NSIT arms the Cyber-Superheroes with a wide range of labs

1. CAD Lab









IT Labs- To help with the practical application of their “information on technology” our college puts to the service of IT students the following

Real-time Systems Lab

Mobile Computing Lab

Web Technology Lab

Besides more

Bio-Tech labs- To nourish the budding Craig Ventors in our college the NSIT administration heavily invests on the Bio-Technology lab teaching the delicacies of Microbiology, Structural Biology, Molecular Biology and a lot more. With 2 more labs under development and work on the 3rd one soon to begin the days ahead are even brighter.

MPAE Labs- Equipped with the best in business software such as NX, CATIA for mechanical design, analysis and automation applications the labs of MPAE department prepare its students for intensive competition all over the globe.

1. Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) and Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Lab- With two trainer CNS machines (Denford, U.K.)  and a Mitsubishi Robot having 5 degrees of freedom students in here get an epochal experience of programming and working on CNS machines, robot and linear side of the robot besides also a bright opportunity to understand the design and the principle involved.

2. Central Workshop-Teaching the basis of manufacturing, Central Workshop encompasses the following building blocks

a. Welding Shop

b. Fitting Shop

c. Foundary Shop

d. Sheet Metal Shop

e. Machine Shop

Other than these it also comprises of Welding Lab, Sand Testing lab, Machine Tools Lab and Material Testing Lab.

3.Metrology Lab- Equipped with  Profile projectors, Floating carriage diameter measuring machines, Tool maker's microscopes, Slip and angle gauges, Complete range of hand held precision measuring instruments and Electronic and pneumatic gauges, this lab aims to provide exposure to students to high precision measuring instruments.

AM/Mechanical Science Lab- Already having all the basic facilities to conduct experiments on mechanics, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics, this lab is expected to undergo a major upgrade very soon.

5. KDM Lab- Aimed at providing practical knowledge on the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms this lab specialises in experiments on CAM Analysis Machine, Generation Involute Gear, Inversion of four bar chain, Elliptical Trammel and more.

Manufacturing Automation Lab- The lab specialises in Application of PLC's, Motors (Stepper, servo etc.), Pneumatic and Hydraulic drives for creating systems that resemble current industrial systems and applications.

ICE Labs-Given a good overlap of curriculum between ICE and ECE and ICE And COE departments, ICE shares quite a number of labs with these 2. However the labs exclusive to it are:

Biomedical/Industrial Electronics Lab-In here Physiology Lab kits and digital temperature feedback systems are used for training the students in the area of Biomedical Instrumentation.

2.  Instrumentation Lab

3. Process Control Lab-  To demonstrate dynamic processes and to monitor process variables this lab boasts of a number of Pentium PCs interfaced with Hydraulic, Electro-pneumatic and Electro-Hydraulic system.

4.  Control System Lab- Transducer trainer kit, Temperature Control System, Synchro Transmitter Receiver and Digital DC Servo Motor, a Fuzzy Logic Trainer Kit,  interfaced to PC are the highlights of the lab.

5.Mechatronics Lab- This lab puts to use cool engineering toys like  Pneumatic and Hydraulic Trainers,  Transducers Kits,  8085 & 8086 Microprocessor Kit, 8031 & 8051 Micro controller Kit,  Level and Temperature control Trainer, Air flow Temperature Controller, Speed control of DC motor and more

Apart from the aforementioned labs ICE department also puts to the services of its students the following labs:

Robotics & AI Laboratory, Electric Machines Lab, Electrical Workshop Lab, PEE/ EM Lab.

Needless to say NSIT is “the place” to be for learning healthy application and testing of the textbook knowledge! 


Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology

Azad Hind Fauz Marg, Sector-3, Dwarka, New Delhi - 110078
(An Autonomous Institution of Govt.of NCT of Delhi)

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