Croma Tech Grandmasters

Talk with Roshan Shankar
Roshan Shankar undergraduated from NSIT in 2010.After completing B.E in Computer Engineering; he joined graduate school at Stanford University. Sahil Gulati interviewed him to know his views about fascinating world of QUIZ.

Croma Tech Grandmasters 
NDTV Good Times in partnership with Big Synergy introduced this quiz show on technology - Croma Tech Grandmasters. From latest gadgets to path breaking innovations and landmarks in the world of technology – the show had it all.








  • How did you prepare for the Croma Tech Grandmaster?
    No preparations as such.Science and Technology quizzes are a staple in the Delhi quizzing and part of many of the meets in the NSIT Quiz club. Wired, Boing boing, Techcrunch etc are decent to subscribe on google reader. No preparation as such.


  • What was the procedure of selection in Croma Tech Grandmaster?
    Written round.30 questions. Top 32 teams in the country made it with an internal criteria of schools, colleges and corporate teams.


  • How did you feel after continuous mind-blowing comebacks?
    Pretty good. But that's the way TV quizzing is. One mistake and you're out 40 points because of the whole tic-tac-toe and line bonuses. The comebacks gave us a warm fuzzy feeling but you know that some other day that wouldn't have been possible or maybe, it wouldn't have been required.
    The format is made to make for an experience from the perspective of an audience which can enjoy rather than a quizzer. So, if we met them outside in a "quiz" TCS Chennai would probably wallop us, we might not have needed the comeback against IIT Delhi (since we've rarely lost in the college circuit) and possibly not have lost in the finals. But then, that's the way it is. Fun times.


  • What was in your mind, when you were going for finals?
    Actually, the finale was shot at a pretty bad time. We had the NSIT Quiz Fest going on (whose first day we missed,thus missing the largest ever participation in a quiz at NSIT). Though NDTV and Croma have done a terrific job with the prizes and show-our grudge would possibly be that they shot the semi-finals and finals back to back with the shoot ending at 4 am. We were completely zonked and had nothing on our mind. Some of the questions we missed in the finals-we would've probably gotten in our sleep in class 8. But then, no sour grapes-the Jaipur team won fair and square and did a great job at the job. They deserve it.



  • When did you start quizzing?
    Speaking for myself, I began seriously quizzing in college with some smatterings here and there in high school. I was always a voracious reader, now a convert to an avid film/docu watcher/museum hopper- so I guess that helps. An interest which has an outlet in quizzing is better than being a mugger of the Malayalam Manorama or random facts.


  • How have your four years in NSIT affected you overall?
    It's formed a big part of the 4 years at NSIT. Though I've been actively watching/helping/working in the Consulting Club, Crosslinks and Debsoc over the undergrad-this is the one which I've been in for the entire 4 years. It has given me my first and much respected seniors (Debasish,Jaideep, Abx, Sharat, Ankit,Kishan)(*I can hear them coughing already, since we don't acknowledge that in person too much))/best friends of 2011 batch/friendliest juniors ( both of which are too many to name) and a purpose to go on Wednesday to the Connecting Block.


  • What advice would you like to give to your juniors?
    None really. I am not qualified to.


  • Where are you these days and what have you been up to?
    I have started graduate school at Stanford University starting Fall 2011. I will be back soon though, and if I'm in town and there's a quiz club meet-I'll be there :)


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