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Shashank Kaushik, MPA student and currently placed in Halliburton shares his experience.
What preparations do you advice for various stages of placements?
I consulted a lot of non-technical books on case studies- Mckinsey and Harvard. I also consulted seniors- Abhimanyu Sinha, Varun Sood, Harshvardhan, Atul Bhatia (head of TnP). My gift of gab helped me to crack group discussions.
My advice for placements is to first decide which path you want to walk down. Also consult seniors and seek their valuable advice.
Please tell about all companies you appeared for and the placement process for the companies.
I was getting rejected even while being shortlisted from 200 to 3 people. The rejections continued till December. Halliburton-A petroleum based company then came for recruitments. The interview process consisted of a group discussion and a personal interview. I aced the group discussion which had the topic- ‘will India be a superpower’. My interview went good and with me answering correctly all the puzzles and brain teasers. No technical knowledge was assessed as the company was a petroleum giant and NSIT didn’t have any stream relating to that arena. I along with 2 of my friends bagged the job.
In February, I was also accepted for Hero-Honda but refused as I preferred Halliburton over Hero-Honda.
How much importance should be associated with academics? Are they the only deciding pointer for placements?
Less percentage is not a cause of concern. But it limits your choices. So maintain your percentage accordingly.
Which extra-curricular activities were you involved in?
I participated a lot in our fests. I started out as part of Public Relations (PR) in Moksha when I was in my 2nd year and in my third year I was heading treasury department for Innovision and in Moksha. In my final year I was a part of core team of Moksha.
Also I was part of TnP in my third year. It taught me to interact with people and delivering the best in unflattering situations.  My stint as vice head boy in my school proved useful in instilling a sense of confidence. TnP further refined my confidence and communication skills. It would be befitting to quote the following for my TnP mentors: ‘Whatever I am, is because of them’
What all internships and projects did you do in four years at NSIT? 
I interned in ‘Voicetap’ which was a software offering voice based solutions in my vacations after third year.
What were the reasons that defined your job preferences?
 I never felt suited for a tech job and never amongst 70%. I was a lot more interested in organizing. In Halliburton therefore, I opted for a non-technical profile as I found it apt for me.
Enlighten me about your best memory in NSIT?
NSIT is second home to me. I miss the college, fun and people in NSIT. Hostel life was insanely good and we had fun sessions on the highest point in the hostel.
I also enjoyed working with TLP. I relished working in fests and miss them the most.
 Would you like to impart any advice to the juniors? 
Be relaxed, fretting bout small things worsen things in NSIT. You should always sit back and evaluate. Always ask the 5 ‘Whys’ when you undertake any endeavor. In 3rd year, there will be a lot of chaos, but see your own interests. If you loose patience you end up being part of chaos. Set your priorities and accept your failures. It is best to be optimistic and think objectively. Interact with seniors and involve yourself in various activities. And lastly believe in yourself.
 “Don’t expect anything, this way if you don’t get it you won’t be depressed and if you get it you would be pleasantly surprised”
Shashank Kaushik
Field Engineer, Halliburton
MPA, Class of 2011, NSIT
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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