This inter - college fest MOKSHA witnesses scores of events challenging the intellect of students as well as providing them thrill and filling them with zeal and rapture. To name a few of such events , we have :


Avalanche - The rock show

Just what the doctor ordered! Let your hair down to 40,000 Watts of sound, good enough to bring back the dead.  At the onset of the GIR, AVALANCHE is just more than an appetizer you can easily digest.




 The Fusion Night: This night is the proud witness of numerous famous bands whose music and art transcend all boundaries.                    
When the guitars meet the violins,
When rock meets the ragas,
That's when you meet the rhythm.

Neither Edison nor Faraday could foresee this. We give you an electrifying night with a hair raising experience.


ImageThe choreography: This is an event where students mesmeriseImage

us all with their exquisite dancing  talents.                    

Elastic bodies defying Hooke’s Law. The human body is capable of all this and more. Stop imagining! See it for yourself! MUDRA, the choreography.          



Rouge - The Fashion Show

Latest trends, sexy catwalks, sizzling ramps. Ever ready? We give you ‘red’, literally! Feast your eyes on the finest creations (pun intended). 

Insomnia - the Jam

Shake your body, tap your feet to the thumping beats and the pulsating rhythm with the best of DJs in an electrifying night, charging you up to burn the dance floor in a never ending ecstasy making you addicted to the spirit of rejuvenating Music.



Fahrenheit- The Pop Night 

Pop pills of excitement. Hop till you drop dead. Stop just pondering on this one! Don’t you miss the highlight of Moksha. Your favorite songs, sung live.


Adrenaline - Adventure Sports

All stunts showcased are performed by professionals. "Please do not try them at home!” Try them at Moksha. Bungee Jumping, Go Karting, Zorbing, Rock Climbing, Rappling. Bring it on!


Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology

Azad Hind Fauz Marg, Sector-3, Dwarka, New Delhi - 110078
(An Autonomous Institution of Govt.of NCT of Delhi)

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