An informal ride to get to know NETAJI SUBHAS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (NSIT).



 NSIT, the Place to 'B.E.' !

On the Very First Day of My College
NSIT, of which I had little knowledge

Amidst The Crowd, I Couldn't Trace
Even a Single Familiar Face

"Just Missed Out On COE, Whom Should I Blame?"
"NSIT! I Hadn't Even Heard Its Name!!"

"Different Kind Of People" I Did Meet
Reaching NSIT, In Itself Was A Big Feat!

On Freshers' Week our Hopes were Pinned
The Seniors came like a Gusty Wind!

Attending Freshers' Party Presentations was such a Pain
They seemed like the rip-off of a Political Campaign!

Speeches, Promotions and a lot of Hypocrisy
Yes, NSIT in itself, is a Democracy!

Even After the First Day's Crosslinks' Presentation
"It's Very Important To Attend A Society's Orientation!"

Hurried from the Dance Auditions of Choreo and Mirage
To the Seniors from 'Bullet Hawk' near the Car Garage!

Pundits from FES and E-CELL offered to Guide
Often Some Senior would take us to one side!

"If You've got a thing for Photography, You can join Junoon!"
"Ashwamedh is the place for You, if there's acting in your 'khoon'!!"

From Every other room we could hear loud screams
Even the Freshers of NSIT had their own dreams!

"I've always had a thing with the Guitar
If I join Crescendo, I'd be a Rockstar!!"

From the first day in NSIT, when I took Admission
Team Alliance seemed to be on a Mission!

While Rotaract's 'Masoom Duniya' was One of its kind;
A Literary Fest like 'Colloquium' is really hard to find!

Even 'Sherlock' would have difficulties in solving the Mystery
Of the Clash in Timings of Events by CSI and IEEE!!

On Wednesday Eve, My Enthusiasm had taken a Beating
By the time I reached the NSIT Quiz Club Meeting!

Hearing about Resonanz, everything appeared so glittery
But Studying for Exams on New Year's eve made Life a Misery!

Humanities, Man-Pro along with "E.D."!
As if P-C-M wasn't enough for "3-D"!!

Second Sem came and we were divided by Streams
"Heavy Inno", "Road Show" could be heard in Screams!

Crowd in the Classrooms would gradually deplete
Winters were outdone by 'NSIT Winter Sports Meet'!

During the Grand Moksha, NSIT seemed like a Bee-Hive
Where DJ Lloyd, TVF and Akcent performed Live!

With the Repeat of Story during Exams, Year came to an End
Describing their First Year on 'FB' had become the Latest Trend!

Story of Results in NSIT in itself is a Folklore..
It's a 'Sarkari' College, I would say no more!!

Different Colors of College Life I did see
NSIT is definitely the place to 'B.E.'!!

- Chetan Shukla (NSIT, COE)



Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology

Azad Hind Fauz Marg, Sector-3, Dwarka, New Delhi - 110078
(An Autonomous Institution of Govt.of NCT of Delhi)

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