Q-How can I reach the university?

A-Dwarka mor is the nearest metro station after which it is at 15 minutes walk. It is also well connected by various bus routes from all over Delhi and the university has a bus stop outside its premises.


Q-Is there any medical room in the university?

A-Yes. The university has its own medical room near the workshop area which provides immediate medical facilities to its students 24X7.

It also has provisions for ECG, blood sugar check, nebulizer and other minor surgical procedures.


Q-What are the sports facilities at NSIT?

A-The university has 3 basketball courts, 2 volleyball courts, a football ground, cricket field and table tennis room. TT tables and badminton courts are also provided in the hostel.




Q-How can I get a new I-card in case I lose mine?

A-You must first lodge an FIR regarding theft/lost I-card. Write an application in the name of DEPUTY REGISTRAR, NSIT, DELHI requesting him to issue you a duplicate I- card and get it signed at room no.-014, admin block along with the FIR. Then a fine of Rs 100/- has to be paid in room no. 112, Admin (accounts office). With the fee receipt you again have to get your application signed at room no. 014 admin and then you will be given a blank I –card. It must then be filled and verified by the official sitting in that room. Finally, it must be signed by D.R.


Q-How can I obtain the admit card for end sem exams?

A-You must go to academic block in the admin as per the scheduled date of your branch and get a blank admit card after showing your ID. The filled

admit card must be submitted to the same room and obtained 3-4 days before the start of the exams.


Q-Is there any lost and found department in the college?

A-Yes. It is located in the admin block, room no. B13. You can claim your lost stuff from there after describing it and the place where it was lost. An entry will be made in the register by the official.


Q-How can I get a projector issued?

A-The projector can be issued for a valid reason by submitting your I-card to TARUN KUMAR RAWAT SIR.


Q-How can I book the committee room?

A- The committee room can be booked by submitting an application to the respective department committee room incharge. The teacher incharge must get it signed for you. The keys must be collected before your event is about to start.




Q-Is there any dress code in the university?

A-Since this is a college, so there is no such dress code. However in some labs such as the chemistry labs and the workshops you may be expected to wear full sleeves due to safety hazards.


Q-Are there any stationary shops in and around college?

A-Radha Photostat near the admin and Babloo stationary in the shopping compex are the stationary shops in the university. Tilak nagar (accessible by metro) is another place from where course books can be purchased.


Q-What is the scope of co-curriculars in college?

A-NSIT has a host of opportunities for co-curricular activities. Most of them take place in clubs and societies and you can be a part of any of them.


Q-What are some of the hangout zones in and around college?

A-Zyaca is the official canteen of NSIT. Apart from this MIC_MAC and MINI-ZYACA are some other eatery zones. Dwarka sec-4 market , Pacific mall , Rajouri garden are some other hangout zones in its vicinity.




Q-How can I get a hostel room?

A-Contact your years’ hostel caretaker and check for the availability of rooms. If rooms are available then fill in the allotment form and submit it to the warden. A list will be released after a certain time and room will be allotted on the basis of distance i.e. the farther ones get the preference.


Q-How can I get my hostel room changed?

A- An application must be submitted to the warden stating the reason for change. The warden will consider it on the basis of availability of rooms and the reason for change.




Q-How can I get a book issued?

A-The book must be brought to the librarian sitting at the front of the library. The library card will then be produced by him/her after you show your ID. You must then fill in the particulars of the book and get it signed by him/her.


Q- What is the fine for late submission?

A-A fine of Re 1/- per day must be paid for late submission of a book.


Q-Can books be issued for a whole semester?

A-A book can be issued for a whole semester from the Book bank only.

It is located under the library building, in the basement.


Q-Can books be issued on weekends?

A-No. The library or the book bank does not issue books on Saturday.


Q- What are the off-days of the library?

A- The library is off-on Sunday and all the gazetted holidays.




Q-Does the university provide any scholarships?

A- Yes. A merit scholarship of Rs 100/- per annum with exemption from the tuition fees is available to the top 25% of each degree department of the institute. Also a merit –cum-means scholarship of Rs 75/- per annum with exemption from the tuition fees is available to top 15% students of low income group.


Q-How can a student collect the scholarship money?

A- If your name figures out on the scholarship list then you must go to the accounts office in the admin and ask for the scholarship cheque after showing some ID proof. If the student himself/herself is not available then he/she can send a substitute with a permission letter called an “authority letter”.


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