Control Delvers

Control Delvers will be a professional NSIT society solely dedicated to Instrumentation and Control Engineering. It will aggregate all Engineers & enthusiasts of this discipline in NSIT. It will also try to attract as many engineers as possible pursuing other but similar courses.

Its primary goal will be to make its members available the advancing technological innovation and excellence for their benefit. Since the society would be dedicated to Instrumentation and Control Engineering, we wish to spread awareness of the importance of this branch and provide a sufficient platform for Young Indian Engineers to transform themselves into self-powered Industry developers. It will be a medium of interaction and exposure for the students with different industries and their working techniques.

The core purpose of Control Delvers is to encourage technological novelty and excellence in the field of Instrumentation and Control, while simultaneously inspiring and nurturing new entrants into the industry. As a member of the Control Delvers, one will have the content of realizing that their views and ideas would be channelled to accomplishing the objectives of CD.


The society would provide the students with the following:

  • In-depth knowledge about ICE 
  • The project topics and its associated support. 
  • Periodical seminars and lectures to keep them updated with the modern-day technology. 
  • Various insights about the companies. 
  • A Society magazine covering all the latest happenings in the world of ICE
  • Industrial trips
  • Internships in top industries
  • Software and tool support, such as : MATLAB , LABVIEW and OrCAD
  • Online support : eBooks , lectures , seminars , eMagazines , forum etc.
  • Numerous competitions and tech-quizzes will be organized.

The Alliance

A small spark can lead to a majestic fire. With a seed of innovation planted in all our minds, it was a spark of an idea which kick started this eventful journey for a few of us to bring NSIT together. The Alliance-NSIT’s newspaper was envisaged with a vision to unite the different spheres of college life and provide a common platform to all the ideas to conglomerate. This e-newspaper acquaints one and all about everything that one ought to know while in NSIT.

The small spark has led to a complete movement where the team Alliance is working to put in every extra bit to leave a mark in the history of NSIT as the leading newspaper. The Alliance, a student initiative, started with the primary goal of keeping NSIT at par with the institutions worldwide, ensured that each and every student has access to the latest update in NSIT. Ranging from the topics as diverse as NSIT’s timeline, the hot burning issues, complete coverage of college fests to internship opportunities, placement stats, music, sports et all. Our past has been a perfect example of our bold and vibrant journalism, covering every issue with the lenses of impartiality; we have been unique enough to present versatility in each of our past editions. It is the first such initiative which brings to light the opinions of not only the students, but also the alumni and our esteemed professors. The NSITians are carving a niche for themselves in every possible corner through their out shining achievements since its root age; however most of them remained as unsung heroes. With Alliance, all the success stories, big or small are celebrated and a source of encouragement is given to the uprising innovators. It keeps you informed about the past and the upcoming events. Not only a forum for students to share their ideas, Alliance brings to you a professor’s profile with its each issue. Alliance is known for its accuracy and precise analysis of the various stats be it the CAT/GRE scores or the compilation of placement statistics. Perfection in what we do is our motto. It caters to the demands of the college crowd as it is the voice of the students and holds importance for students of all years and the alumni included. Alliance provides you the helping hand to take you through this beautiful journey of 4 years. It gives you the power to knock its door at any point of time when you want some questions to be answered or want to highlight something. It can be rightly said that having its foundation in the lineage of NSIT and reaching out to the opportunities the modern world has to offer, The Alliance has it all.

With the pace of time,Alliance has grown substantially coming out with 6 magnanimous editions and has got an overwhelming response and encouragement from the students and alumni section. The critics have also been most welcome which have helped as improve and grow. As they say nothing comes without failure, they have just been a stepping stone to move ahead and foster us with the confidence to carry on with this never ending journey. Ayn Rand’s words “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me” have inspired us throughout. We, as teamAlliance, have grown with each and every moment that we have spent in its culmination. The interviews, the interaction with people belonging to all spheres, the dedicated team work, realizing our passions to pen down and designing the newsletter have raised the bar of our abilities.

Change is the only thing which is constant. We carry this in our hearts and with every issue we aim to innovate and bring out something new. “Opportunityis often difficult to recognize; we usually expect it to beckon us with beepers and billboards.”Alliance brings you face to face with these opportunities and so catch up with every latest copy to find something new.


Visit them on http://www.alliancensit.com/

‘Ashwamedha’ NSIT

‘Ashwamedha’ NSIT Theatre


NSIT’s Dramatics society,a mix of creative, imaginative expressive and enthusiastic members from all the four years. It gives them not only an avenue to access and appreciate theatre, but also a chance to take part in college productions both on and off stage. They have experimented with different genres in theatre right from comedies to serious issues to social dramas. Breaking away from the clichéd methods, they are known to present ideas in a satirical, humorous and a hard-hitting manner.


    Stage plays are created both by fresh scripting as well as adapting, translating or reproducing legendary plays.
    Street theatre is aimed at bringing  achange in the society, and being the change in the society. Street plays are produced after elaborate research, discussion and debates on the topic, followed by writing the story as well the musical parodies.

 Find us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=151802234848509


  • Vivek Sehrawat-8588003808
  • Arush Chaddha-9015415494
  • Bishwajeet Kumar- 9650073739


Rotaract Club

Rotaract Club of NSIT Regency, the official social service club in NSIT, is a Rotary sponsored club for young men and women between the ages 18 to 30. It is a part of Rotaract District 3010. Established in April 2009, currently it has more than 800 members and a dedicated Core Team. The objective of the Club is to address the social and physical needs of the community and enhance leadership and management skills of the young students by involving them in social, entrepreneurial & technical activities that aims at development of the community around us.

NSIT Rotaract Club has been dynamically involved in education, skill building and community services at the slum sites, initiating collection drives, pioneering the cause related to mentally challenged children, organizing managerial activities & workshops and events, and also engaged in handing technical support like website designing, database management for some NGO’s.

Through the club many members get a chance to be part of international exchange programs (IDYEPs) wherein many get chance to host Rotaractors from other countries. NSIT Rotaract Club also provides social entrepreneurship opportunities to students in projects like Sankalp and have collaborations with leading NGO’s in Delhi like Goonj, Jaagrit and Masoom Duniya. Goonj is committed to “Making clothing a matter of concern”, Masoom Duniya takes care of mentally and physically challenged children while Jaagriti works in the field of literacy and child empowerment.


  • Pranjal Chugh: 9716789172
  • Bhavna Gupta: 9999425401

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Google grouphttp://groups.google.com/group/nsitrotaract


Find us on facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/nsitrotaract/


Bullethawk Racing


bhr-logo Bullet hawk Racing is the Formula SAE team of  NSIT. We are a student run organisation of hard working inter-disciplinary students determined to apply our technical knowledge to face real-life challenges. The team derives its name from the word “Bullet hawk” which refers to the fastest animal on earth – Peregrine Falcon.

One of the biggest achievements of the society was the NSIT Moonbuggy built by members of the 2009 BHR team in the event started by America’s renowned space agency, NASA in an endeavour to make students all over the world address the engineering problems faced by the real moonbuggy team and to get valuable inputs from them which may prove to be useful in future space expeditions.

 Team BHR designs and fabricates a single seater formula style car from scratch which conforms to the rule book of the competition. Since its inception in 2008, we have participated in 4 Supra SAE events so far and have been showing constant improvement over the years. Our most recent competition was the 2014 Supra SAE held at Chennai, where we secured the 21st position from over 160 teams.

The team will take part in FSAE competitions abroad and is keen to establish the presence of NSIT in the international student formula-racing scenario and establish a name for Indian teams. Bullet hawk racing is a diverse team of talented engineering students from different branches honing their skills in their specialized areas of interest, such as engine, chassis, suspension, electronic controls or body and its aerodynamics.

While the university does provide support in the form of fabrication facilities, Bullet hawk Racing has to raise sufficient capital resources to complete the project each year. Thus, sponsorship is an essential phase in meeting the team’s objective.  Our past sponsors include Universal Metaltek, Rasandik, Deltronix, SolidWorks, Sail, 3M India, Ideas Design Solutions (P) Ltd., JK Tyres, Pheon Corp, Brakes India Limited and JBM Group.

Website: http://www.bullethawkracing.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bullethawkracing

Twitter: @BullethawkR


Harsh Samasraj : 9958799207

Aditya Pradhan : 9958627010

Sagar Israni : 9650860004




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