Divya Gupta

Please tell us about your interview procedure at Accolite?

It was an exhausting process consisting of 5 rounds.

First round was a written MCQ round of 20 questions which were mainly based on C and C++ I/O, Data Structures and OS. 11 students were shortlisted after this round.

Then there was a written Coding Round which comprised of 3 questions out of which we had to do two. I could manage to do 1 question completely and 1 partially. The level of questions was good.

First question was to find element which is occurring only once in the given array where every other element except that is occurring thrice (without using any extra space).

Second one was to fold a linked list ,like let the given linked list be 1->2->3->4->5->6->7 we need to convert it to 1->7->2->6->3->5->4.

The last one was given an array of integers, we need to make all the elements of the array equal in minimum number of operations. We can perform any of the three operations that is increase all the elements excluding one element either by 1 or 2 or 5. 4 people were shortlisted after this round.

Then we all were asked to write the Kadane’s algorithm for finding the Maximum sum Subarray in an Array. 3 people were selected for the next round which was a GD and the topic was Array v/s Linked List. I was asked to speak on linked list while the other two spoke on Arrays. I had the advantage of going first. I was very active and participated confidently.

After this round 2 people were shortlisted for the final interview. It was around 40 minute’s interview and they asked many questions from Trees, Linked List and General C and C++ concepts. First they asked me how I would print all root to leaves paths. Then I was asked to write the code to reverse a linked list recursively. The next question was to swap the Kth node from start and Kth node from end in single traversal.

Then they questioned me about the extern keyword and how virtual functions are implemented (V table). Then I was asked to check if the given tree is a BST and then i was asked to write my own sqrt function. I was expected to write the code for every question. Finally out of 2 they selected just 1 and luckily enough that was me.

How did you prepare for the placement?

I did competitive coding regularly on various online judges (CodeChef, SPOJ and Codeforces) which improved my speed and accuracy and gave me the ability to think on different kind of problems and i also practiced questions on GeeksforGeeks. I did Linked List, Trees and Arrays from there.

I would suggest everyone to code the problems especially because just reading the solutions won’t help. Learning and practicing some advanced Data Structures (like Trees) is also useful. I also solved some puzzles and aptitude questions on indiabix.com. Just stay calm and keep coding.

What and how many internship and projects you did at your college?

I have not done any projects or internship but I would advise juniors to take atleast one project in college. This will not only make your CV impressive but will also give you the practical knowledge of applying the concepts you have learned.

What is the role of the academics in getting a good placement?

You should always maintain a good percentage. 70% is enough to get you through almost every company’s eligibility criteria. Academics do play a good role in getting a good placement. You always have an edge over others and you don’t have to worry if you are eligible for any company or not. A good percentage makes sure that you don’t miss out on any opportunity. Some companies do consider percentages while selecting candidates.


Would you like to give any general advice to your juniors?

Don’t just rely on last two months of summer break to prepare. Be regular and take short contests on online judges. These will help you to gain both speed and accuracy. Also I’ll advice not to ignore Aptitude. Before internship season starts, take a few Aptitude tests just to brush up your skills.

Also, i would like to say that this internship time can be very tough, you all will go through many emotions and many rejections but don’t lose hope and don’t stop your struggle because there is always something good waiting for you at the end


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