Suryansh Tibarewal

1) Could you please walk us through the entire procedure of your internship process at Reach? An insight into the company’s short listing procedure would be really helpful.


Ans : The Reach team contacted me based on my resume and a friend’s recommendation for winter internship as a Backend Developer.
All the interviews were telephonic.
In the first Interview a general discussion about my projects and my college life was done.
The second round of interview was the technical round, I was asked a few Web Development Architecture related questions and 3 algorithmic programming questions.
WebD architecture: Explain MVC architecture. Explain how will you design a signup-login system in an MVC architecture.
Algorithmic Programming:
1. A sorted stream of infinite bits with only 0 and 1 in it. Find the position of first occurrence of 1.
(they were looking for a logarithmic time complexity solution)
I correctly answered it using unbounded binary search.
2. A 2D array (n X m) is sorted row wise and column wise. Find the position of a given number.
O(n+m) time complexity solution was expected, it was again a question based on modified binary search where instead of looking left and right, you look left and down at each step.
3. A Unicode string is given, you need to find the first non-repeating character in the most optimal space and time complexity.
Next round of selection was a task based round, where I had to submit my approach and the database schema of a problem which was mailed to me.
Final Round was HR/cult fit round, in which some questions were asked to gauge whether I am fit for the company or not. Some of the questions that were asked were : What is the worst thing about you?  What is the riskiest thing that you have done in life? If you have a task at your hand, what will you give more importance- perfection or speed/time?
After the final round of interview I got a call a few hours later, confirming my selection as a Backend Developer for Winter 2015.


2) What all internships and projects have you done till date in NSIT?  How did you find out about this internship opportunity?


Ans:  My friend recommended me for this internship.
I have not done any formal internship till now in my college life.
But I have been part of few startups during my college, one of them being EssentiallySports.
At EssentiallySports, I handle all the tech related stuff, including the development and maintenance of website.
Working at EssentiallySports gave me the experience of dealing with practical problems you face on the web like hack attacks, traffic surge, etc. When you are involved with an organization as big as EssentiallySports you get to deal with such a huge audience that you can see the impact of simple design changes.
I have participated in various competitions. In the past semester, my team won accolades in 2 major hackathons and ICPC 2015, which I think gave us the exposure and confidence to work hard and excel.
As far as projects are concerned I have not done any major project yet, but have made some mini projects to get the practice of the language and frameworks that I have studied, which also have a good practical life utility. (You can check their code on my GitHub profile )
Other than that I have been doing competitive programming on sites like codechef and codeforces.


3) How did you prepare for the Internship Season? And what advice would you like to give to your juniors regarding it?


Ans:  I don’t think any special preparation can be or should be done for Internship season. What you do in your entire college life, will sum up and contribute to your performance in the interviews.
The only advice I would give is focus on learning new things instead of focusing on the package. Have a good positive group of peers around you, as a lot of stuff happens in teams these days. A positive competitive feeling with your peer group will motivate you to learn more, and utilize your time effectively.


4) Do you have any incident in mind that you’d like to share with us that happened during one of the Interviews?


Ans: The questions which were asked during the cult fit round surprised me a little. I wasn’t expecting I would be asked a question like ‘What is the riskiest thing that you have done in your life?’ in an interview.


5) How much role do you think Academics play in bagging a good internship offer? 


Ans: Subjects in the curriculum which are related to the professional field that you are going to choose helps a lot. I am a student of IT, and IT has all the core computer subjects in the initial semesters. Subjects like Database, OS, Data Structures and Networking stay with you forever in your professional life as a software engineer. That is why I made a thumb rule to do an online course from Coursera/Stanford.edu of the core subjects in parallel with the college course during the respective semesters.


A little disclaimer that I will look to put here is, do not do online courses for just the sake of that ‘Statement of Accomplishment’ Certificate. The purpose of doing an online course should be to know that subject inside out and to get to do assignments of international standards


6) Can you tell us about the overall difficulty of your Interview? Also, what pre-assumptions did you make before the Interview and did they align with what happened in the interview?


Ans: The interviews were not that difficult, it all depends whether you are a fit for the organization or not. Reach was looking for a candidate who has a good DS background and exposure to Web technologies so that he/she can create good scalable solutions to the given problems. So the questions that were asked were according to those specifications.


I did not really have any pre-assumptions about the interview, but yes I wasn’t expecting them to be this extensive. The Reach team was very particular about the cultural fit of the candidate, as they give a lot of importance to team culture and work environment. An intern works in direct contact with the founders and can give equal inputs to the development of the product.
I think this was the reason why they took so many rounds of interviews.


7) Did you join any Society or Club in college? Do you feel they have a significant impact on one’s overall personality and skill set?


Ans:  I am a part of the core team of CSI-NSIT. Yes, I believe they have had a significant impact on my skill set. CSI-NSIT organizes competitions, workshops and SIGs for different domains in technology including WebD, Algorithms/DS and graphic designing which gives good exposure at the right time.
Apart from that, the peer group that you have in a society like CSI-NSIT is highly skilled. Seeing others do wonderful stuff keeps you motivated to do something yourself.


8) Getting an internship from such a reputed company, would you like to reminisce the incredible moment with us?


Ans:  It was a happy moment when I got to know of my selection at Reach, and that I would get to work and stay with such a wonderful team. I also had an offer from Foodpanda, but there were no second thoughts in my mind about choosing between the two.
I can say now with experience that, the work culture at Reach is amazing and the everyone is very supportive and talented.
I feel that I am lucky that I got to work with such an awesome team so closely.


Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology

Azad Hind Fauz Marg, Sector-3, Dwarka, New Delhi - 110078
(An Autonomous Institution of Govt.of NCT of Delhi)

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