Swati Garg

Q1. Could you please walk us through the entire procedure of your internship process at Samsung? An insight into the company’s short listing procedure would be really helpful.

The eligibility criteria for Samsung R&D Bangalore was 65% and no backlogs. It was open for COE, IT and ECE students. There were 2 profiles : Hardware and Software. The whole procedure consisted of basically 3 rounds. 
First round was Aptitude test.It consisted of an online test which consisted of total 60 MCQ questions categorized into Logical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative ability. Total time was 90 minutes.

Second round was Coding Round. For software profile, there were 3 coding questions to be solved in 90 minutes time span. The coding questions were quite easy,  testing only the basic knowledge of trees, arrays, sorting and searching.

Third round was Group Discussion. Instead of HR Round, there was this one. It was a surprise. Around 45 students were selected for this round. There were 3 groups of 15 students each. The topics were mostly related to utility of mobile phones in various fields.

Q2. What all internships and projects have you done till date in NSIT?  How did you find out about this internship opportunity?
I did a Research Project on Natural Language Processing on Automated text summarization using Partial Textual Entailment and optimization algorithm (Minimum Set Cover Problem) under the guidance of  Anand Gupta sir and Manpreet Kathuria mam. I also worked for various startups as Android  developer. Also I worked on NSIT Connect Android App.

 Q3.How did you prepare for the Internship Season? And what advice would you like to give to your juniors regarding it?

I prepared for internship season during the summer break. I utilized my summer vacations by solving the programming questions and challenges on online judges mainly Codechef and Spoj, practicing Data structures and puzzles from Geeksforgeeks. I would advise my juniors to start as soon as possible with your preparations. You won’t get much time to prepare in August.

Q4. How much role do you think Academics play in bagging a good internship offer? 
Academics do play some role in internship process, as your percentage should be above the cutoff level. If your percentage is above 70%, you will be able to sit in most of the companies. Also, some companies consider percentage as one of the criterias in further selection process.


Q5. Did you join any Society or Club in college? Do you feel they have a significant impact on one’s overall personality and skill set?
I joined NSITOnline and Rotaract Club of NSIT. Both of the societies had a significant impact on my skillset. Through NSIT Connect android app, I learned many new stuff in Android. In Rotaract Club, participating in and organizing various events was fun as well as enhance the overall personality.



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