Neelkanth Bharadwaj-Qualcomm

* Please tell us something about your internship procedure at Qualcomm. What is the procedure that is followed for short listing the students?

Qualcomm was only the second company that came to campus for the internship opportunity which allowed ICE students to appear for the procedure.

The cutoff to appear for the first round was set at 65%.

The first round was a trivial online based elimination round which had three sections. There was an aptitude section, where time was of the essence as 20 questions were to be solved in 20 minutes, followed by a compulsory programming section which was based on basic programming skills(as most of us are introduced to the language C by our 2nd semester). The third section had a choice between Hardware and Software sections, depending on the profile one wanted to sit for.

After this round roughly 15 students were selected for the Personal Interview round, out of which 13 students were selected for the Hardware profile and 2 for Software. We had a technical interview round followed by the HR one and finally 5 students were selected,4 for the Hardware profile and one for the software


* Would you like to give any piece of advice to your juniors to tackle a tricky situation? Would you like to share any such Personal Experience where the Interviewer caught you Off Guard?

The best way to handle such situations is by not panicking and trying to be as honest and analytical in your approach as possible. Even the interviewers don’t expect you to know the intricacies of each and everything. I have learnt this thing from my personal experience that the only thing worse than admitting that you don’t know the answer is trying to bluff the interviewer with a foolish answer. So if you are asked something that you have no idea about, try to see at first if the question can be analytically approached for a solution, if not, tell the interviewer honestly that you don’t have much idea about that particular domain.

As it happened during my technical interview, I was not very prepared with the VLSI domain so when questioned on this particular area, I honestly told the interviewer that I had little knowledge in the field and he did not seem to mind much and moved on to some other domains.


* How did you prepare for the internship Season? What advice would you like to give to your juniors regarding the internship season?

I did not specifically prepare for the season. I was just thorough with my EIM course which I had in fourth semester.

Regarding the preparation for internship season, student aiming for a technical company should at least be well versed with their Electronics-I,II and EIM course curricula and try to work towards a better resume from your 2nd year, which would involve engaging in some projects and internships with balanced academics.


* What is the role of academics?

I would not say that academics are the sole deciding factor to land an intern or a placement, but they are sure not to be ignored if one is aiming a technical profile. That being said, don’t miss opportunities to be actively involved in some college activities, like being a part of a society or taking part in different hardware or software related competitions, thinking your academics might suffer on course. So, as long as you are above a certain threshold (65% for an ICE student), try to work on other dimensions of your resume as well like projects, interns and some PORs as well.


* Is the collage course sufficient or does any extra tech knowledge/skill payoff?

As we know, college course does not allow us to have the flexibility to learn at our own pace and ease. But it does give us a brief glimpse of the subject which I think is enough for an individual to see if it interests oneself or not. If it does, there are a plethora of MOOCs available on the internet for one to learn from.

Also yes, having a head start or being acquainted with a skill does payoff in the longer run depending on the profile one is wanting to opt for.


* Would you like to give any advice on how to approach Teachers/Professors for performing projects under them?

It is a bit tough to get a decent project if you are in your 1st or 2nd year as you are not much exposed to the different subdomains of your branch.

So being aware about your branch or what interests you always gives you a head start. After that, just consult your seniors as to which teacher takes up projects in that particular field and approach the faculty after some research on that field.

* What all internships/projects you do? How did you get them?

I have been involved with two projects till now, one of which was concerned with control engineering and one with signal processing.

As I have briefed above, after locating my interests in the above two fields I simply approached the concerned faculties(after consulting my seniors) and they asked me to research for the current work that was being done in these domains via some research papers they provided me with. After this drill, I was supposed to tell them the precise field which I wanted to work in(as there are many sub-sub fields in every domain) and then the work began.

 * Did you join any College Society or Club? Do you feel that they make any impact over one's Overall Personality and Skill set?

Yes, I have been actively involved with Control Delvers since my 2nd year and was briefly a part of the IEEE execomm members.

According to me, it does make a difference in enhancing one’s personality as one is exposed to such managerial situations where one learns how to go about getting things done from people, work in groups and so much more .


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