Rahul Mishra- Texas Instruments

Q1. Please tell us something about your internship procedure at Texas Instruments. What is the Procedure that is followed for short listing the students?

A. Texas Instruments came for various profiles such as analog, digital, application design, software and sales. I had applied for the Hardware profile. TI internship procedure for analog and design comprised three rounds. Firstly there was a written round comprising one hour of the analog section and the other hour for digital. On the basis of students’ performance they were called for analog and digital technical interview respectively. The students who qualified technical round were called for the last round, HR interviews. Those who cleared this round were given the internship offer.

Q2. How did you prepare for the Internship Season? What advice would you like to give to your juniors regarding the internship season?

A. As I was mainly focusing on analog, I brushed up theory of capacitors and inductors. I read theory of diodes, BJT and MOSFET from Microelectronic Circuits by Sedra and Smith. This book is quite recommendable for analog. Questions from CMOS were also asked in the interview.

Q3. What's the role of Academics in bagging a good internship offer?

A. Academic is crucial in getting a good internship offer. Actually the ECE syllabus contains most of the theory which is asked in analog interviews. If one performs well in theory then there is a good chance that he/she will not face much difficulty in the internship procedure.

Q4. What all internships and projects you have done till date in NSIT? How did you get them?

A. In second year there was an Arduino Program organized by Prof. D. V. Gadre which I had attended. I made TENGU in that program. Since then I have been a part of the CEDT lab and have been working on various projects.

Q5. Would you like to give any piece of advice to your juniors to tackle a tricky situation? Would you like to share any such Personal Experience where the Interviewer caught you Off Guard?

A. Yes, I would like to say the same thing as my seniors had told me which was to always stay honest in the HR interview.


Q6. What areas would you suggest a beginner to start with for getting acquainted with analog profile in Electronics?

A. What I think is that capacitor charging and discharging theory must be made fundamentally clear in the first place. Practice circuit solving. Then follow the same order in which it is taught in college. Diode, BJT and MOSFET are fundamentals of semiconductors and must be read carefully.

Q7. How did the class environment helped in shaping what you are today?

A. Some of my classmates are very intelligent and competitive. We discuss our doubts after class which is quite helpful in better understanding of concepts.

Q8. Did you join any College Society or Club? Do you feel that they make any impact over one's Overall Personality and Skill set?

A. I have not been an active member of any society but I would never undermine their importance in the overall development of NSITians.

Q9. How would you rate the interaction between seniors and juniors in NSIT?

A. Seniors play a significant role in giving orientation to juniors’ efforts. Interaction with them gives us good exposure and sometimes helps in decision making.

Q10.. Is there anything that you would like to change about NSIT?

A. There needs to be a more active participation from the administrative end so that things become hassle-free, say a system which provides timely results and easy access of information to students.


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