Ishaan Gupta

* Please tell us something about your internship procedure at Microsoft. What is the Procedure that is followed for short listing the candidates?

Ans- The procedure at Microsoft for internship selection is quite same like other tech companies.I went through a series of 5 technical rounds.They

was a MCQ round,a coding round,telephonic interview and 2 online interviews.

* Do you have any incident in mind that you'd like to share with us that happened during one of the rounds?

Ans-Lots of interesting things happened with me during the telephonic interview.My call with the interviewer got disconnected 2 times during the interview and everytime the interviewer called back.But when it happened again she re-scheduled the interview for the next day for the other half of the interview.

* How did you prepare for the Internship Season? What advice would you like to give to your juniors regarding the internhsip season?

Ans-I prepared for the internship season in the summer breaks and I didn’t quite start until 15 days before as I was lazy to do that. Then in the last 15 days I started with Geeksforgeeks mostly as I was told that most of the companies ask questions directly from there but it was not always the case. I did three sections from geeksforgeeks namely arrays,linked lists and trees. I also solved the previous year internship questions that were asked to our seniors and they helped me gain a lot of confidence. My advice is to start off early so that the pressure doesn’t mount up in the end.

* Would you like to give any piece of advice to your juniors to tackle a tricky situation? Would you like to share any such Personal Experience where the Interviewer caught you Off Guard?

* Ans-What happened with me was I got stuck on a problem during one of the rounds and I wasn’t able to come up with a concrete solution for the problem.Then I thought to myself that let’s not do it for getting through to the next round let’s do it for the fun of it,like a brain teaser. And a few moments later I was able to come up with the perfect solution

for the problem. So the key is remaining calm,that’s it.

* What areas would you suggest a beginner to start with for getting acquainted with programming?

Ans-I was a beginner too when I came to this college.I started off with reading Let us C by Yashwant Kanetkar.It was a good book for getting a basic grasp on C language. After that I started practicing online on Codechef and SPOJ. These sites helped a lot in learning new things and also to build up my concepts. My suggestion-Always practice on these sites.

* What initiated the passion for coding in you?

Ans-My passion for coding was initiated by the success stories of my seniors.When I heard their stories I wanted to explore this field more. The college atmosphere ,peers aided in the development.

* How did the class environment help in shaping what you are today?

Ans-I realized that a lot of my peers were into coding. We used to help each other,talk regarding new stuff and compete with each other.So overall, the atmosphere was pretty exciting and helpful.

* Did you join any College Society or Club? Do you feel that they make any impact over one's Overall Personality and Skill set?

Ans-Yes I joined lots of societies in my first semester.These societies helped me get acquainted to a lot of talented seniors and also at the same time catered to my overall development. I no longer have stage fright.

Joining societies certainly improves your personality if you really believe in them.

I also learned that giving back to the community is equally important. I learnt a lot from my field and felt like more and more people should also learn and benefit from my experirence. So, I gave two workshops on how

to get started with coding and taught various regular and advanced concepts to my juniors.

I hope that many more students will do the same and help others who are a part of the coding community


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