Rajat Gupta

Q1. Did you encounter a dilemma in choosing between a technical and a non-technical profile? How did you resolve it? 

Ans:- I was sure that I wanted to be in a tech job since first year.


Q2. After choosing your profile, how did you prepare for the Placement Season? Any advice you would like to impart to your juniors? (Any setbacks, pitfalls or tricks you learnt.)

Ans:- As tech was my calling , I started exploring various opportunities in my sophomore year, also I tried to strengthen fundamentals and keep my concepts clear. Worked in the college societies to gain practical exposure, but that also gave me a lot to learn. I believe the more you do, the more you learn. So my advice would be that one should first explore to find an area which interests him/her and then build a skill set accordingly.

There will be hurdles initially but be determined and it will all end up well.


Q3. Please tell us something about your placement procedure at Amadeus. What is the procedure that is followed for short listing the students at Amadeus?

Ans:- The procedure at Amadeus was simple.

The screening round had an aptitude test consisting of questions on logical reasoning and data interpretation , This basically tested our speed and numerical accuracy. The shortlisted students went through 3 interview rounds - 2 technical and 1HR.


Q4. How did your interviews/GDs go? Any anecdote you would like to share with us.

Ans:- The first tech interview had questions from Data Structures ,DBMS and Algorithms.

The interviewer also grilled me on my resume (so please mention only what you really know ).

The second tech round was focussed primarily on Operating System Concepts and a bit of system architecture (As I had it on my resume).

The HR had usual questions on why Amadeus and whether I had any issues in relocating.


Q5.1. According to you, what’s the role of academics and percentage in getting a good placement? You can also mention any projects you did.

Ans:- Academics does indeed play an important role, Our curriculum though a bit old , encompasses some pretty important topics such as Data Structures, Algorithms, Operating System, Computer Architecture etc.

As far as percentage is concerned it is there as an initial cut off , having 70% is recommended as this would make you eligible for almost all companies.

However beyond the initial shortlist its your merit that will take you through.



Q5.2. Would you like to give any advice on how to approach Teachers/Professors for

performing projects under them? (Please answer this question if you have done any projects, else you can ignore this.)

Ans:- Teachers in our college really appreciate projects undertaken by students, In case you have an idea of your own, find out which faculty member has that domain in his/her research interests and approach him/her . You may want to read up a bit if the domain is new to you.

If instead you are interested in a particular domain , read up a bit on it and approach the concerned faculty .


Q6. Did you do intern anywhere else before sitting for Amadeus? How was your experience there?

Ans:- I interned at Refiral as a PHP/JS developer. The place provided me exposure to Start Up culture and helped me gain insights in professional software development.


Q7.Did you join any College Society or Club? Do you feel that they make any impact over one's Overall Personality and Skill set?

Ans:- I am an active member of several societies such as CSI,NSITOnline and also Aagaaz.

Joining societies does impact one's personality and skill set. You get to meet and learn from so many amazing people, develop team spirit and a few leadership skills as well.


Q8. What are your future plans? (Higher Studies or start up or anything else under the sun).

Ans:- I believe in giving the best at present, So Let's see what life has in store :)


Q9.What areas would you suggest a beginner to start with for getting acquainted with


Ans:- In my opinion one should first get a grip on basic blocks by learning a simple language such as C. Once that is done, build up your data structures and Algorithms in small steps.

Practice is the key here :- Code every little exercise on your laptop /PC


Q10.What initiated the passion for coding in you? Were you into Programming during your School Life as well?

Ans:-As a child  I was intrigued on how a computer can do so varied tasks, When I got to exploring CS , I was amazed by how simple Concepts can be used to solve complex problems and this is what got me into coding. Although I had CS at +2 , I hadn't really programmed much until college.


Q11.What importance does competitive coding and development carry in regards with


Ans:- Both are important in their own right. While competitive coding develops your speed, accuracy and Algorithm Design skills, Development exposes you to Architecture and System Design side as well .


Q12. Would you like to mention some online resources that helped you during your preparation?

Ans:- Codechef and Topcoder tutorials, g4g ,nptel and MIT Ocw contain good study materials and lectures on CS. Also coursera has some great courses to offer as well.


Q13. There must have been times when you felt demotivated. How did you cheer yourself up during those times?

Ans:- I believe that you dont get what you want but get what you need. So whenever i didnt get through i knew something better awaited me.

Q14. What is one thing about college that you are going to miss the most?

Ans:- The atmosphere ! The culture here is just so Amazing , it really grooms you as a person.

Q15. Getting a job in such a reputed company would you like to reminisce the incredible moment with us.

Ans:- I was elated when my name was announced,(Finally no more formals :p)


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