Pulkit Aggarwal

Q1. Did you encounter a dilemma in choosing between a technical and a non-technical profile? How did you resolve it?  

Ans) No, I was always sure to choose the technical profile.


Q2. After choosing your profile, how did you prepare for the Placement Season? Any advice you would like to impart to your juniors? (Any setbacks, pitfalls or tricks you learnt.)

Ans) For technical profile, geeksforgeeks is your bible. I will suggest students to be thorough with each and every topic listed on geeksforgeeks as it has been seen that many of the times same questions are asked in the interviews. In interviews, questions are mostly from Algorithm, data structure, OS,DBMS , OOPS and networking. So I would recommend the students to be thorough with each of these subjects. Also I would recommend students to regularly practice on various online judges as they helps a lot in improving problem solving skills.  Performing well on online judges gives good impression to the interviewer as it shows your interest in programming apart from programming in your curriculum. One piece of advice that I would like to give is to never lose hope during placement season. Start preparation early as companies will be visiting on every day basis. So there won’t be any time during the placement season.


Q3. Please tell us something about your placement procedure at Informatica. What is the Procedure that is followed for short listing the students at Informatica?

Ans) Informatica had 7 rounds of interviews which comprised of 2 online tests , 4 technical face to face interviews followed by HR. First online round was a mcq round which consisted of 4 sections. This round was followed by another online test which consisted of OOPS debugging and 3 simple algorithm question. The technical interviews consisted questions from data structures, algorithm, OOPS, OS, system design, DBMS. I would recommend students to be prepared with projects written on the resume as they will be discussed in the interviews and questions based on them will be asked.


Q4. How did your interviews/GDs go? Any anecdote you would like to share with us.

Ans) Interviews went fine. I would recommend students to be confident during the interviews and start telling their solution from brute force and try improving their solution from it. It shows the interviewer that you have actually understood the problem and have not mugged the most optimized solution.


Q5.1. According to you, what’s the role of academics and percentage in getting a good placement? You can also mention any projects you did.

Ans) Academic is important just for clearing cutoffs. Apart from that only your technical knowledge will help you clear the interviews. So I will recommend to keep the percentage above 70. Students should try to score good in 1st and 2nd semesters as courses are easy early on. Doing this will take the pressure off you to maintain a decent percentage and you can work on projects or can do competitive programming which will actually help you in the interviews.


Q5.2. Would you like to give any advice on how to approach Teachers/Professors for performing projects under them? (Please answer this question if you have done any projects, else you can ignore this.)

Ans) Students should firstly explore their research interest before approaching professors. It shows that the student is motivated to work. Many professors will tell you to come later but you should keep bugging them.


Q6. Did you do intern anywhere else before sitting for Informatica? How was your experience there?

Ans) No I didn’t intern anywhere.


Q7.Did you join any College Society or Club? Do you feel that they make any impact over one's Overall Personality and Skill set?

Ans) I am a web team member of NSITonline. Joining a society helps you to network with your seniors and juniors. I feel there is very limited senior junior interaction in NSIT. So societies are a great way to network with other people and learn from their experiences.


Q8. What are your future plans? (Higher Studies or start up or anything else under the sun.)

Ans) I am not currently sure. Let’s see how things turn out.


Q9.What areas would you suggest a beginner to start with for getting acquainted with programming?

Ans) I would recommend students to start with Let us C by Yashwant Kanetkar. It will help them to get familiar with basic concepts of C. During this phase, students should also start solving problems on codechef starting from the most solved problem. One thing a beginner should do is implement everything. Many a times student have decent problem solving skills but perform poorly when it comes to implementation. So student should work on this skill from the beginning.


Q10.What initiated the passion for coding in you? Were you into Programming during your School Life as well?

Ans) I had C++ as a part of my curriculum in school. Computers always interested me. So getting into programming was an obvious choice for me.


Q11.What importance does competitive coding and development carry in regards with placement?

Ans) I think competitive programming is very important. It helps you develop problem solving skills which is very important for career growth as a programmer.  Companies mainly asks data structure & Algorithm problems. So by doing competitive programming you develop the required skills.


Q12. Would you like to mention some online resources that helped you during your preparation?

 Ans) Geeksforgeeks,leetcode, interviewbit, careercup, codechef


Q13. There must have been times when you felt demotivated. How did you cheer yourself up during those times?

Ans) The hunger to excel is my motivation. There had been lot of ups and down in college but hunger allowed me to carry on.

Q14. What is one thing about college that you are going to miss the most?
Ans)  One thing I miss the most is the free time one gets in NSIT. You can do whatever you want as the academic pressure is less. So you can just chill out whole day in canteen or just work your way to the get to the top.



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