Jigya Yadav

1. Please tell us something about the placement procedure at Microsoft. What is the Procedure that is followed for short listing the students?

I did not sit for the placement process, since I got a PPO after my internship. Based on your work during the internship, your manager recommends you for a Pre- Placement Interview. There are 2-3 interviews, where the interviewer normally asks about the work you did during your internship. There are a couple of technical questions. Based majorly on these interviews and partly on your performance during the internship, a PPO is  offered.

2. Do you have any incident in mind that You'd like to share with us that happened during one of the Interviews/GDs? (Any incidence where the Interviewer might have caught you Off Guard)
There is no such major incident that comes to mind. However, I did get a piece of advice from the interviewer after one of my pre placement interviews. I was very prompt in answering 1-2 of the coding questions, since I had already seen them before. He advised me to still think about the question even if I knew it, and to not directly delve into the code. Also, be honest if the interviewer asks you if you have seen the question.

3. Did you prepare for the Placement season as well? What advice would you like to give to your juniors regarding the placement season?
I got a PPO so didn’t have to go through the placement season. Before my PPIs, I only had time to try and solve a few questions. I would suggest everyone to target a PPO.

4. What is the role of Academics in getting a good placement? Is there a benchmark for Students aiming for High Profile Companies like Microsoft?
Microsoft has a strict 70% cut-off, except that I don’t feel interviewers judge you on your percentage. However, subjects like Database, Operating Systems, Compilers etc. should be studied seriously, since they help you in your internship and placements.
5. What all internships and projects you did in your 4 years at NSIT? How did you get them?
I only did the internship at Microsoft. I got it through the internship process on campus.

6. Would you like to giveany advice on how to approach Teachers/Professors for performing projects under them?
I think you can just go and talk to them. But do have a proposal in your mind or at least a field you are interested in.

7. Were you faced with the dilemma of choosing between Tech Profile or Non - Tech Profile? How did you overcome that?
No, I knew I wanted to choose the Tech Profile.

8. Are you planning to do higher studies in near future? Did you take CAT/GMAT exam last year?
Yes. I am not sure about pursuing a MBA or a MS in Computer sciences. No, I did not take CAT/GMAT.

9.Are You into coding? What initiated the passion for coding in you? Were You into Programming during your School Life as well?
I did not have Computer Science in school. I started coding mainly after the Introduction to Programming Course in the second semester. Then I started with solving problems on Online Judges like Codechef, Spoj etc.

10. What areas would you suggest a beginner to start with for getting acquainted with programming?
I think you can start with a couple of online courses such as Stanford CS106A, Algorithms and Data Structures courses on Coursera etc.

11. How did the class environment helped in shaping what you are today?
The class environment helps because of the interactions you have with your peers. It is what makes college fun and helps you learn

12. Did you join any College Society or Club? Do you feel that they make any impact over one's Overall Personality and Skill set?
I didn’t join any except attending a few FES sessions and joining Rotaract. However, I did not work a lot for either. They do improve interaction, I think.
13.How would you rate the interaction between seniors and juniors in NSIT?
I had enough interaction. Most people are helpful and ready to answer all your queries. Though I believe we NSITians are not too social.

14. Is there anything that you would like to change about NSIT?
Standardized Grading(CGPA)
Credit based classes with options
Good Canteens


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