Manjot Pahwa

1. What initiated the passion for coding in you? Did you have programming in your intermediate classes? 

For the short simple answer, I tried it, I liked it. I don't understand what you mean by intermediate classes. More than coding I would say it's about proposing a solution to a real life problem. Coding is just the means to do it. It's the solution which matters.


2. How did you prepared for your placements? What advice would you give to your juniors regarding the placement season? What areas would you suggest a beginner to start with for getting acquainted with programming?

The first thing to do is build a strong foundation. Getting the basics correct is quintessential. Be regular on the popular coding websites like spoj, codechef etc. Most importantly enjoy what you are doing. Beginners --> go for books like Cormen, tc basic tutorials, etc. I would say more than concentrating on things like syntax of a language, concentrate on algorithmic concepts, discrete maths, etc. Most importantly find out what you want to do with the coding skills, make some cool products of your own or do some research for a quark computing based device or join an awesome company that builds awesome products.


3. Please share your placement experience at Google. Did you sit for any other company except Google? 

Well, I applied off campus and got an opportunity to get an interview with them. First there's a phone screening interview where you're asked coding/algorithmic questions and asked to code in real time. If you get through that, you have 3-5 onsite interviews. I had specified my preference towards Google MV campus (since I had to choose the job I was applying for when I applied off campus). So my application had to go through additional processes. My papers were sent to the MV campus and reviewed by people here. After then I was told that they're extending an offer. The whole process took about 3 months. I did sit for other companies, on campus I sat for Adobe (rejected), Microsoft (accepted).


4. What's the role of academics in getting a good placement?

(If you wish, you can also share your academic experience and its importance.)

Well, acads matter if you're thinking of an MS or a job at a company which cares more about grades than skill. There are many seniors from our own college who are working at the best places but might not have been great academic achievers. I'm not going to expand on this much since this is more of introspection where you ask yourself what all you have learnt compared to what that paper called your degree shows.


5. You were a part of NSITonline team? What all projects did you worked on with NSITonline? Did you join any other society? Do you feel that joining these socs made some impact over your overall personality and skill set?

NSITonline was a good introductory experience for someone like me who had never been exposed to web dev. Societies does help in developing in all round personality but then again it depends on what you do while you're a part of that society. If you're doing it only for a certificate, it's seriously not impressive but if you do something truly exceptional then it reflects a well rounded personality with good leadership skills. 


7. Are you planning to do higher studies in near future? 

Don't know, probably.  


8. What has been your most fun-filled moment in the past 4 years? 

By far the most fun filled part was the last year. Even the first semester was fun, it's like a cycle where the fourth semester resembles the first semester.


9. Where are you based currently? How would you describe your current experience at Google?

I'm based at the Mountain View campus. It's just truly awesome or in other words very Googley :) Most importantly the work and learning opportunities here are inexhaustible. You decide your career ladder, your work speaks for you. Plus the people here are experts in their respective field. So tons of learning.


10. Any piece of advice to your juniors? 

I don't really think I have done anything that exceptional that I give advice to anyone; I have a lot to learn. 



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