Ankit Dhul

 Here is an African proverb, "Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn't matter whether you are a Lion or a Gazelle... when the sun comes up, you'd better be running.” It is nice to read this, good to understand but life transforming to apply. This is how Ankit Dhul of Class of 2011, transcended his way to success.
Take the plunge
The best moment as such to start preparing for your MBA would vary from person to person, but the ideal time to start is around February (given CAT is in November of the same year). The general idea is to complete the entire “syllabus” in the first 4-5 months and then build up towards CAT by giving lots of mock tests. CAT I believe is all about momentum and one needs to be on a roll and tremendously focused in the few months before CAT.
Key Areas are those that
·       Are weak and therefore require extra preparation
·       Are strong and hence should take less time to solve (with a good accuracy) in the test
Also you need to make sure that you’re clearing the cutoffs for each and every section
Time management is very important. For example,. My English section was strong and I could finish it very quickly, so I could afford to give more time to the other sections, but this strategy is person specific as different things work for different people.
For GD-PI you need to be well informed about a lot of diverse topics from financial news to current affairs to your college curriculum to do well. All this knowledge is something that builds up over time and can’t be done overnight .Newspapers are a huge help in this regard.
Also Mock interviews are important as they help you fine tune your answers.
The moment when he got selected for top B-schools was in itself surreal. “I was ecstatic!”, he remarks.
Why Bain?
Ankit believes that MBA after work experience is beneficial. Secondly, Bain & Company is a great place to launch ones career, now he also has an option of pursuing an MBA from abroad after the necessary work experience. Finally, he wishes to do his MBA from IIM- Ahmedabad, Bangalore or Calcutta only.
Work at Bain
Speaking about his experience at Bain, “It is a very fun place to work and the learning from each day is huge. My work profile is that of an analyst at the BCC which is very similar to that of an Associate Consultant at Bain. The only difference between the two is that An AC gets to meet the client and we don’t. The work we do is very similar”, he says.
Working on an average for 10 hours (8 AM to 6 PM), on a typical day at work, he receives a work plan for the day in the morning, though streams of work might come later in the day. “We also make full use of the in-house pool table and foosball table during the lunch break and later in the evening as well “, he exclaims.
Being inspiration for many, this is what he has to say for NSITians, “First, Don’t lose heart over rejection. Few rejections in the initial phase do not mean that one stands nowhere or the preparation is inadequate. Just hang in there, introspect after every rejection where you went wrong and keep learning so as not to repeat your faults. More importantly keep studying and make sure you face your next hurdle as if there were no rejections. Secondly, percentage does matter- An aggregate in the 70s will keep you on the safe side of the cut offs. A good aggregate along with your CV is one of the most important shortlisting criteria for many companies. The CV should briefly highlight your education, awards and achievements. Confidence- One needs to maintain good body language and presentation. A little effort on your appearance goes a long way. Patience - Try not to sit blindly for all companies that are visiting the campus; think carefully, and sit for only those you are really interested in. Cooperation -The placement committee is working for your good. It is best to co-operate with them. So what you must realize is that your preparation and hard work is what counts in the end and you must not lose heart and keep faith in your abilities.”


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