Arpit Chopra

Arpit Chopra, pass out from the IT batch of 2010, is another addition to our ever-growing list of distinguished alumni. Arpit, who scored a whopping 99.62 percentile in CAT got a call from IIM-Calcutta and IIM Kozhikode in the process, an even better 99.76 percentile in XAT(XLRI Jamshedpur); followed up with similar performances in FMS and JMET(for MBA from IITs)  and converted into final calls from MDI-HR and IIT-Delhi, is currently placed as a Technical Associate in ZS. In an interview with Vibhor Relhan, he reveals to us his success mantra.

In Hindsight:

My 4 years in NSIT have given me the best gifts of my life, i.e., Goal Clarity and Diversity. When I came in here,I was clueless about almost everything. Disturbing questions like why I chose IT as my specialization, where would I find myself a few years down the line etc. were dominant in my mind.The answers to all these, although constantly changing and reforming, came automatically with time. Being surrounded by people of immense aptitude and brilliance undoubtedly gives you an incredible opportunity to grow as a person and learn new things everyday, thereby making your education "complete".
My decision to undertake an internship at Deloitte appeared to be a really costly one initially since I couldn't dedicate much time to placement oriented studies. The internship ended on 24th July and within a week ADOBE visited the campus in which lack of preparation resulted in my failing miserably... I did not even clear the written paper. With a bit of introspection i decided not to sit for BHEL; in turn decided to utilize those 15-20 days to prepare for the upcoming challenge.
The next company in line was ZS for which I brushed up my coding skills acquired during my semester studies, sifted through the pages of Vault Guide (bible for case studies!) and tried my hand at the guess estimates.To be very honest, those aiming for a non tech company, need to prepare very little since it is more dependent on personality and quick thinking which cannot be developed in 2 months.  
Recruitment Procedure:
ZS offered 2 profiles to the students, BTA (Business Technology Associate) and BOA (Business Operations Associate). The procedure was absolutely same for both the profiles (except for 1 question in the written test). It included 5 rounds beginning with the written test followed by G.D., case study, a technical interview and finally the HR interview.
The written test included basic HR questions (what would you like to change in your life etc), a quantitative analysis question (or Quant for those preparing for CAT), a coding question and a data analysis question (provide testing criteria for a set of data).
This was followed by Group discussion which is less about last minute miraculous tips and more about your basic general knowledge which you gather over the years so my only advice would be to recollect as much as you can and speak up with confidence.
The most challenging stage of the entire procedure is the Case Study and the subsequent interview. It thoroughly checks one's logic and thought process. I was presented with a case and given 30 minutes to provide an approach for solving the problem(s) at hand which was followed by a one-on-one discussion with the interviewer. In such situations,Vault Guide can give you a path but you'll have to apply the methodologies yourself. One must try to provide a streamlined approach to the case presented.Sometimes the interviewer might try to put you in high pressure situations by contradicting your every point. Do not agree with every point of his in order to impress the interviewer but at the same time disagreeing with his every point and strongly defending your's might indicate to a narrow minded approach which is not open to suggestions.Think about every point and present a basis of your thinking. 
The technical interview succeeding the case study round was more of a general discussion about my past projects and my internship at Deloitte along with one extremely simple coding problem.
The final stage and equally important HR Interview can turn out to be a really tricky one for many. One cannot afford to be complacent at this stage, especially in a non-tech company,where people can be, and in fact, are rejected at this stage. The aim of the interviewer in this round is to check your response to high risk, high pressure situations.So, the key is to remain CALM. Also, it won't hurt to prepare answers to questions like "Tell me about yourself", "Why ABC company?" etc because some "smart" answers to these questions can really help you dictate the rest of the interview.
Tasting success:
Simply put, it was pleasant, satisfying and humbling.I consider myself very lucky to have got what i wanted--
a consultancy ,in my hometown,and that too with a good package!
Higher Studies
For those who are wondering why I did not chose to pursue my MBA, there is a logic that I put to it.Well,to be very honest, I wasn't sure of what my preferences were at the time I gave my CAT. But in hindsight (after sitting for around 10 B-school interviews), I am pretty certain that I want to work and learn the internal machinery of any organization before I actually go for a managerial position or a management program. I firmly believe that I won't be able to "manage" if I actually don't know what needs to be managed!! And hence,my decision to work at ZS.
A message for my juniors:
One question that I kept running after , all 4 years was what will be my wild card, the weapon in my armory that will fetch me the all so lucrative job in ABC company. And I finally found the answer.
The answer to this question is NOTHING ! Absolutely nothing. Maybe better luck or a better "suited" personality (not a better personality, mind you) because I don't think there was anything special in what I did to get that job.
 The only advice would be to calm down. There are plenty of jobs for everyone. Don't worry if you don't have a research paper to your name or were too busy hanging out with friends to participate in Innovision. You'll still get a good (cross that, a GREAT) job. Just be patient. You are in NSIT for  God's sake !
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