Anubhav Agarwal

Anubhav Agarwal placed in D.E Shaw shares his placement preparation experiences.

"Hi Everyone,
This is Anubhav Agarwal from IT-05. For the ignorant lots, like me, I was recruited in D.E Shaw & Co in Aug’08 and Aricent  before that.

Here I am going to outline my experience of placement session (although I only had a little bit of it, as I was out from the mainstream job hunting in less than a week) Basically, this manual suits more for those who haven’t yet started preparing for placements or are procrastinating, like I was, an year before, and I am hence writing this doc keeping in mind what I heard from  my  seniors  that  time  around  plus  my  own  modifications  to it  based  on  my  experience.

First of all, let me tell that those in IT have maximum advantage in the placement season (for IT companies) mainly because they have already studied the subjects that they would be asked in
placements. So IT guys just need to revise everything and you are  ready to take on any company interview. Also those in ECE with their  percentages not in top-league should not try aiming for their core
companies,  as ECE cores will always be partial about your college  percentages and department ranks.

Now I would say, the right time to start studying specially for placements has almost come. Although I started my preparations seriously in-and-around  April but  I  could  manage  it only  because of my extra-hard work in later months i.e. June  and  July. Directly coming to  the point, the most important subjects required  to  get  through Software companies are C, Data Structures and OS. I could even  mark  the chapters for you, but let’s not go in fine details in the beginning itself. Below,I will be giving you the exact  things (and no hazy/fuzzy tips that one may  never  be  able  to implement) that one should  appropriately do,in order, to land him/her in a good job (read as a highly probable A-job). Remember, you are sitting in your Campus Placements starting from July end, and this chance  will only come  once in your life time, so it’s very much necessary that you leave no  stone unturned and have the right arsenal with you to carry you  forward. Also my advice to those who are aiming for MBA/GRE/Civil services is not to leave placement preparations totally, please try to strike some balance and try to devote some time for the subjects mentioned below. It won’t be a tough task, if you start sooner than later.


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