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"Hello friends,

This article of mine should hopefully help all NSITians aspiring to get into electronics/semiconductor companies. The article is particularly meant for the ECE people, though it might be useful for all current NSIT students in general.

There are several myths that people have when one gets into ECE, NSIT. The primary one is that one does not end up getting a good job and/or a job in electronics company, which is not entirely correct. Many ECE students aspire to get into the semiconductor companies from the campus placements. However, one should understand that there are not many of them in India and among the ones that are not many visit our campus. The popular ones that have been are: STM, TI, Freescale and Cosmic Circuits. The list is not that large, but one should not be disheartened since NSIT guys are always welcome in many smaller startup electronic companies. So that boils down to an important statistic: if all of the 5 aforementioned companies visit our campus and take lets say 4 each what to the 80 other ECE guys do! Several popular alternatives are :


  1. Do coding stuff and land into software biggies like Yahoo n all!
  2. If you are into managerial n all - there are plethora of such companies coming to our campus.
  3. Go for higher studies - MS, MBA - thats quite in.

Now for those of you who after reading the above are still desperate to get into the semiconductor companies no matter what, read on

  1. Make your concepts in analog and digital electronics very clear. Read Sedra and Smith and Morris Mano thoroughly. For more interested readers, B. Razavi and Tocci should do all the trick. (In STM, they ask you to read all the text from Razavi).
  2. Interviews shall be all about the basics. Few hot topics to be explored are- working of MOSFETs, general design of analog filters, oscillators, in digital setup time, hold time and metastability are inteviewers pet questions. Also try to explore several internet sites like EDAboard, asicworld and others.
  3. Reading several magazines to know the current trends in electronics is always desirable. However points 1,2 should not be compromised for 3.




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