Anjana Rafta

Anjana Rafta (11/EC/05), placed in Texas Instruments shares her experience.

"The very first question that anyone asks his/her senior is….
what books you referred and how did you prepared..?!!
When did you start to prepare..?

Its just like a twelfth class passout would ask you how to prepare for CEE/JEE.
I would say first of all make up your mind…. set your goals..!!!!!!
Decide Core/Software and prepare accordingly. I won't say its impossible to be good enough to crack both, but they require altogether a different approach.
Again in Electronics find out your strength, digital /analog? or may be both..!
and books and material is spread around , just google and you will get anything and everything.
The point is whatever you say and do you should know every word related to it., right from scratch.If you find anything new,just go and try to figure it out..Don't just take it as it is like in our mid/end sems. Practice questions, find out what”s new and keep on learning.

My Recruitment Procedure

Written exam,tech and HR interview combined, followed by a GD.
Written exam was based on aptitude questions and C/DS questions.As far as i rememeber some 4-5 written exam each of some 15-20 minutes.During the written interview only they asked to fill some personal information form, that also contained questions about your experiences when you worked in team,what you found worst, best...etc etc.
Technical interview composed of C/DS only,not much depth of DS infact required.
GD was quite different here, they gave us the stuff to read, they decided whoz gonna speak in favour/against of what.! it was just to put your views.It was about your confidence, and letting your views known to others. Don't shout, don,t be in hurry, let others speak,
Couldn't clear the written exam even. Lots of aptitude question,prepare well.Again no distinction between aptitude/ technical questions, its just the score that mattered, so give importance to aptitude too.
Texas Instruments
Written exam followed by tech and then HR.
Written contained again aptitude,electronics and C questions.Again for s\w profile  don't know much. Tech interview started by discussion of written exam only. how many question you attempted wrong, why didn’t  you attempted this particular question,how come you got this answer (no matter right/ wrong).
There after C/Digital electronics questions followed.
little endian/ big endian format conversion (C/ assmebly); input, output wavefroms given, implement h/w design ; optimization of h/w,
Then HR interview,out of 10 some 4-5 i guess went through HR,not all of them were called for it. HR was just a talk with the person.Things like strength, weakness, how would family react if you are selected and u'll have to go to Banglore? , How would u rank yourself in tech interview...
and the last thing is "if u have any questions" ?
The best thing to ask is about your growth in company? how will profile grow? how u will learn things? will it be able to get into different profiles.. Interact well,don’t just ask one question.! Extend the conversation!!!!!!!!!!!


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