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Ajitesh Mehta, who is a Computer Engineering graduate from the batch of 2012, is currently doing MBA from IIM Indore. Stressing on the need to be clear about your choice, Ajitesh says that though it took him months of contemplation before finally identifying his interests, in the end he was clear as to why he wanted to do an MBA. Here is an excerpt from his interview with NSITonline.

1) When did you realize that you wanted to go for an MBA? What was the thinking process behind it?

It took me months of pondering, introspecting and contemplating before I could arrive at the decision of doing an MBA. I started evaluating the option of doing MBA actively in the early part of 3rd year. The factors that helped me finally decide include an interest to pursue a career in business, advice from seniors and teachers and a desire to continue my education. Going through a few MBA courses available on the internet and taking a few certification examinations added to my interest to go for an MBA.

2) Why did you choose to go for IIM instead of some good B-School abroad?

I did consider the option of pursuing MBA from some good B-School abroad, but the fact that there is an option of doing it just after college in India and that I was lucky enough to have got an admission, I chose to join an IIM.

3) Kindly throw some light on how you prepared for CAT. 

I had joined a coaching institute in my 3rd year at NSIT, which kept me motivated to keep studying for CAT (don’t expect much from the coaching institutes). Reading a good newspaper (such as The Hindu) daily is really important and it will cover the major part of the preparation for the English section. For the remaining part of it, one should practice questions from any good module/book and the same is true for the other sections, Quant, Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation. One can also join a test series (I had joined TIME’s, but all are the same) for practicing questions and to get a glimpse of the exam. Lastly, time management is one of the most important things that one should practice through the test series.

4) What are the various rounds of CAT selection procedure? Kindly brief us a little on each of them.

Each IIM has a different shortlisting procedure that is given on their websites. It changes every year and lately most of the institutes have replaced Group Discussions with Essay writing, which would be followed by one round of interview. Having a clear understanding as to why you want to do an MBA is really important to crack the interview.

5) Give us an insight into your life at IIM. How is it different from the time spent at NSIT?

Life at IIM is very different from that at NSIT. Trimester system is followed in all the IIMs, and tests, assignments, presentations, term examinations are a regular thing. One should be ready to stretch oneself and having a more than 5-hour sleep is a rarity. In spite of a tough competition, one starts enjoying the system and it becomes manageable.

6) A word of advice to the NSITians eager to follow in your footsteps.

Please be clear as to why you want to do an MBA. Also, CAT has become very arbitrary, but keep practicing hard and you will crack it. All the best!






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