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Atish Negi, passout from the batch of 2010, is one of the very few people who need no introduction for his work speaks for itself. Currently doing his MBA from IIM-Bangalore, Atish was kind enough to take out time to share some really valuable information with us.


Atish feels the first thing that he had to decide was where does he want to head to--software or non-tech. He chose the latter option. Doing computer courses was never his passion and he always wanted to exploit his managerial skills, hence the decision to pursue MBA was an "obvious" choice.

On being asked about his experience of preparing for the CAT exams, Atish talks about the first question that often strikes one’s mind, “When do I start?”. He suggests that a good time to start is after fifth semester, as it is neither too early that you lose interest by the time you take the test, nor too late that you end up in a panicked state.

Atish joined Career Launcher in November (of his fifth semester) . Talking about the pattern and content of the exam, Atish identifies two key focus areas. First, he believes that Reading Comprehensions must be given adequate focus. Reading from a variety of sources such as websites, other journals like Wall Street Journal etc can help improve our RC skills for the test. Second, time management is a key aspect for CAT preparation. Effective utilization of free time in classes to solve puzzles contributes to developing this skill. Finally, he advises that a CAT aspirant also join a test series (of TIME, CL or any other) to get a good idea of the CAT paper pattern which would help in developing confidence.


Atish was always an active student at college eager to contribute to almost everything happening around. He said, ”Getting into the Training and Placement department was something that I was genuinely interested in. The interviews were held in April of my third year and I did get through. Initially It was only about data collection, research, making XL sheets, organising a list of projects from various departments etc. In the summer vacations, we took a step further when we made an online portal for companies to register on. The work seemed really hectic as we were new to the job but with time, we began to manage all the work really well and I think by the end of it, we did end on a high note”. Atish feels that his stint at TnP was a really enlightening one. He further adds,” The recession was still on and I think that really added to our maturity of handling things. It was a nice learning experience to handle firms and to talk to HR managers and even VP's of various companies. We managed to get firms like KPMG, JPMC for the first time to our campus.”


Atish was always focused and had his priorities set right i.e. pursuing an MBA degree after engineering. However, his experience of working for the placement committee had taught him the importance of job security. He talks about his placement session-


Though IOCL had set a cut-off 65%, it was only people with 70% or above who were selected. Unlike previous years (when only ICE people were recruited by IOCL), this year they had job offers for COE too.

The placement process comprised of only an interview that involved quizzing the candidates on course related questions, and prior internship experience. Atish was also asked follow up questions to establish the genuiness of his internship experience. Atish was quizzed on general questions related to Database indexing, and RAID as he had mentioned about his exposure to these concepts while interning at CRIS (Central Railway Information System).

Atish stresses on the importance of preparing for basic interview questions such as “Why this company?” in advance. His good performance in the interview helped him secure a job at IOCL.  


Atish was always eager to contribute to as many activities around him as possible. He was involved in societies and fests ever since he joined college in the first year. He was a part of the Innovision team that is credited for organising events such as Defence expo, Parasailing, Paintball for the first time in our college. He feels saddened by the fact that his juniors show less enthusiasm to contribute to such events. He believes that fests offers a good opportunity to interact with seniors and helps instill a lot of confidence .Atish was also a member of the Crosslinks group which is the media management society of our college and publishes the college newsletter TECHNIK.

  • For the FRESHERS

Atish advices the freshers to keep the following things in mind:

  1. Don't be a part of the crowd. Try and build your own identity.
  2. Expand your horizons. Try and be creative in taking up various projects.
  3. Take initiative. It is a hard reality that NSIT doesn't offer dedicated channels and platforms but looking at this positively, this is what grants you an even bigger chance of doing things all by yourself.
  4. Interaction with seniors is a must. You will lose out on a lot if you do not look up to their advices.
  5. Keep a good percentage. Nothing should come at the cost of your academics.

Lastly, these 4 years are one of the most fun-filled moments of your life so make the most of it. For any further assistance, Atish can be reached at his id: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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