Manasavi Tickoo

Presently studying at Carnegie Mellon University, Manasavi Tickoo, ICE batch of 2011, shares his journey!!
Vibhor:  You are amongst the very few in college who managed to be successful in making it to such an elite university while maintaining a good aggregate overall. Please share your success mantra?
Manasavi: I was a typical guy studying just a night before exam (I would not recommend it though). But in the other time, I did projects and read up stuff on different fields like embedded, control, robotics etc. 
Vibhor: What embarked your interest towards MS?
Manasavi: To learn new things. Work with professors on novel projects. Also, I somehow felt that I did not want to work at this point of time and actually there were a very few companies which would allow me to do what exactly I wanted.  
Vibhor: How did you prepare for GRE? Did you join any coaching?
Manasavi: I did join coaching after my first attempt. My english teacher helped me a lot to improve on my self confidence after my disastrous first attempt. 
Plus, I just had 3 weeks between 2 attempts. So it was just practicing questions and doing tests
Vibhor: What according to you is the ideal time to start preparing yourself to achieve a good GRE score and a suitable profile to make it to the best universities?
Manasavi: Start with Norman Lewis. I was really bad at english so I had to start at the end of 5th semester. For profile, you should automatically start off with projects. You do work and your CV will automatically grow.
Vibhor: How did you prepare for the placements?(Please provide a detailed insight on what all companies you targeted and how did you prepare for them. Also, the various rounds held in the selection procedure)
Manasavi: I got through IOCL. There was just one round of interview. They asked me about my projects in controls and how would I apply them to their plants and stuff. And also, about PID controls 
Vibhor: How have your four years in NSIT affected you overall?
Manasavi: It really helped me believe that you can do anything yourself. You have sufficient resources to start off any project or work on your own.
Vibhor: What is your vision of NSIT in the coming years? What is the one thing
you would like to change in NSIT?
Manasavi: More labs and upgradation of courses and being a part of DU.
Vibhor: What advice would you like to give your juniors?
Manasavi: Work hard but its probably more imp to enjoy at the same time. Getting a MS admit is not very difficult, so start doing projects and reading up stuff in areas which interest you. Don't streamline your field very soon. Its good to have options coz tomorrow, you might like a field which you hated years back.


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