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Arjun talks with Rupak Gupta (COE 2011), who got placed as Derivatives Trader in Futures First, Gurgaon despite of having scores in early 60s. He tells about the placement procedure of the company and the kind of work one gets to do.
The company had a two pronged placement procedure, with a written and an interview round. In the first part of the written, we had a 30 question which were mathematics based (BODMAS, fractions, series etc) to be finished in 6 minutes. Anyone who cleared 27 questions was shortlisted for the next round. The second part of the written consisted of an aptitude test (on lines of CAT). It was followed up by the candidates filling up a personality assessment form. The candidates had to answer questions such as, detailing about their background, any leadership roles they have taken, success and failures one has achieved in life. All questions are then referred to in the interview and your answers are then expounded which also forms the basis of the interview. Questions are also asked about any diseases you have contracted. In short your complete background check is done.
Interviews are generally taken by the managers and traders to analyse different aspects of your profile and nature to comprehend your abilities for the job. It may result in one or two interviews. In the interview you are usually submitted to a stressful situation. For example I was given a list of candidates including myself and was asked to choose three for the final selects citing reasons.
The company gives equal opportunities to everyone, irrespective to your marks and resume. All it looks for in the candidate to have a quick, analytical mind, immaculate observation power and ability to perform evenly under stress. Since the job profile is that of a derivatives trader, one has to perform in the same manner as the market rises or falls. The company checks if a person can work under stress as well. The work is exciting as you get to trade commodities such as oil, grains, precious metals and currencies in the international market. It gives you a lot of exposure and valuable training, since not a lot of Proprietary trading firms are present in India presently. Futures First’s motto says “You don’t know you are a trader until unless you trade”. So don’t write yourself off as one.
Rupak Gupta
COE, Class of 2011, NSIT
Derivatives Analyst, FuturesFirst
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Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology

Azad Hind Fauz Marg, Sector-3, Dwarka, New Delhi - 110078
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