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Sanchit Varshney, ICE currently placed in GAIL shares his experience…
Please tell about all companies you appeared for and the placement process for the companies. 
My placement season began on 3rd August. I was not sure whether to go for, software or non-technical companies. So I decided to go for everything. 
At first I applied for Winshuttle and Atrenta. However, after their written, I realized that software was not for me. I had studied very basic C and C++ and realized that that was not enough. 
So, I started focusing only on Core and non-tech companies.
IOCL: Well, I was very disappointed when I found out that I was not short listed for IOCL. They short listed 9 guys for interview and I was the 10th one.
Deloitte: Everyone in NSIT was excited when Deloitte visited. The written exam was typically CAT based with Quant, DI and Verbal Questions. Next up was Group discussion which consisted of a recession based case study. In a group of 6, it had to be completed in around 30 minutes. Unfortunately I was rejected in the group case study
Smart Cube:. The written exam was CAT based with an additional section where-in we had to write about our best book/movie. Afterwards, Smart Cube had a GD in a group of 8-9 people for 5 minutes. The topic for our GD was related to business ethics I cleared the GD but wasn't sure how to represent myself in the Interview. So my interview lasted for only 5 minutes. They asked me about my training and I think that I over-emphasized my training or said something that the interviewer didn't like. Result-I was rejected. 
EVS: Written was as usual CAT based and the subsequent GD was on ‘The Energy Resources available in India’. My interview had a guess-estimate, some typical non-tech questions like why non-tech, why not core, when will you go for MBA. I thought I was doing pretty good but, alas, rejected.
EXL: The EVS results came at 12 in the night and EXL visited the next day with written at 9. Carrying a lot of disappointment and fear I entered and was rejected in written itself.
BHEL: BHEL had a three day process. They short listed guys from almost every branch. ICE guys had their interviews on the first day. When I entered the interview room, I expected questions on Instrumentation and stuff but the asked me the working of an AC and SMPS and some questions on Power Electronics. With no idea about the same, another rejection was handed over to me. For all the ICE guys serious for BHEL- read your Power Electronics book very carefully and do thyristors chapter very carefully. They generally ask a lot of questions from there.
Dunnhumby: They had an online written exam consisting of Quant, Verbal and DI. DI was very challenging. Then there was a Case Study. It was a 1-1.5 hr case study based on the recession scenario of a retail chain. I cleared both the rounds but as usual-the interview. It lasted for 1 hour with questions on everything- the case study, guess-estimate, a puzzle, my BTP etc.
Doosan: Core Instrumentation Company and the written had quant and instrumentation questions with a negative marking. GD was quite easy. My interview consisted of Instrumentation questions and some general HR questions. 2 guys were selected and I was on the wait-list. Something good at-last happened to me.
GS Engineering and Construction: The process was very similar to that of Doosan. And my results were very similar as well-rejected in the interviews.
GAIL India Ltd: I had a very difficult night before the GAIL Interview because GS results came on that day and I was quite low in confidence. I was jobless even after clearing a lot of written and GDs and with decent aggregate of 77. 
I just went there because my parents and friends had some faith in me. Moreover GAIL was visiting NSIT for the first time so I had no idea what exactly to study for it.
I was second for the interview. It started with routine questions on Temperature (RTD's and thermocouples) and Pressure Measurements and then they asked about my placement season. I briefly told them about my experiences. Then they asked whether I was ready to leave Delhi. I said yes. Then some general HR questions followed. When I left the room I knew that I was not good but I wasn't bad either. The results came. I was selected. Then the interviewers told - Varshney has impressed us. In my heart I thanked God, my parents and my friends.
What preparations do you advice for various stages of placements?
For the Instrumentation companies, I would advise that you read AK Sawhney and Nakra &Chaudhary very diligently especially your 5th semester topics such as pressure, temperature, fow, level, and vibration and humidity measurements. Also read Power Electronics, specially those who are focusing on BHEL
For non-technical-Do CAT based books. I guess those would be sufficient. Always read about the company, its business and everything about it. Also give a lot of importance to your HR questions like why this company, why you took NSIT, & more importantly-why Instrumentation (your branch). Do give importance to your hobbies and extracurricular activities.
Give a lot of importance to your CV and spend a lot of time on it. And most importantly, dont lie. The interviewers will find that out.
Trust your TnP. 
Rest: Have faith in God.
Sanchit Varshney
GET, Gail
ICE, Class of 2011. NSIT
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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