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Mahesh Sharma currently placed in Directi shares his experience of cracking a technical company…
Please tell about the companies you appeared for during the placement session?
I appeared in Adobe on the very first day of placement session but I couldn't even clear the first round. The 2nd company I appeared in was Directi which I am currently working in.
 What preparations do you advice for various stages of placements?
It depends upon the type of company you are targeting. It’s good to target just one type of company and be patient. People usually make mistake and try to be multi-talented. If you are targeting good software company (good means not a mass recruiter) then having good knowledge of JUST ONE programming language is more than enough. Algorithmic skills are the deciding factor in most of the software companies.
 How much importance should be associated with academics? Are they the only deciding pointer?
Except for software companies where percentage is required only for eligibility, your academic performance is really important.
 What all internships and projects did you do in four years at NSIT? Could you elaborate on the kind of work undertaken in them? Also please mention how you got the internship.
I did one and only internship which was in Directi where I am currently working, I did 2 projects during my engineering both were self-mentored. Not many people believe in self-mentored projects. I have only appeared in the interview process of Directi in which I wasn't asked anything about projects. So as such I didn't face any rejections because of not having official mentor. And one more point that I would like to add is that company people don't care about your official mentor. They only want to know how much YOU know about your project.
Have you planned for higher studies?
As of now I am enjoying my job in Directi-Gurgaon and I am not willing to pursue formal education anymore.
How would you rate the interaction between seniors and juniors in NSIT?
Interaction between juniors and seniors was very poor during my college days. I will advise to keep in touch with seniors who have same field of interest as of you and keep learning from them. We should ask how one gets in touch with seniors who have the same interest. Owing to less senior junior interaction nowadays it is even tougher to get in touch with seniors.
Do you wish to change anything in NSIT?
There are many things to be changed or improved at NSIT. But the one which is most related to student is the course structure. It should be revised for all the branches. It’s very old and needs revision.
Enlighten me about your best memory in NSIT?
Every day and night was memorable at NSIT.
Mahesh Sharma
Software Developer, Directi
ECE, Class of 2011, NSIT
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology

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