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Jayesh Chaudhary, who cracked EPIC and Tally, shares his experience….
Please tell about all companies you appeared for and the placement process for the companies. 
My placement season was a little dramatic. I wanted to pursue MBA till before I started preparing for the placements. The timing was perfect as first company Adobe came to campus early august.
Soon I realized that I liked algorithms, data structures and coding in general. Since then I have never thought of MBA again.
I started online programming on sites like codechef and topcoder after the visit of Directi to our campus.
So my focus was SD companies.
The pattern for most of the SD companies is the same: 
1. aptitude
2. multiple choice questions related to Data Structures ,algorithms, Operating Systems ,networking 
3. few coding questions
The interview is focused on puzzles and algorithmic questions and proper usage and knowledge of Data Structures.
Operating Systems is asked by some companies but not by all.
I got selected in MMT(QA)(), then Tally solutions), and then finally Epic Systems.
The interviews that I find worth mentioning are those of Amazon and EPIC
In Amazon, I reached the last round however was not selected thereafter probably because of lack of general computer knowledge, in other words Networking and Operating Systems. So on basis of my experience I would suggest that you develop a little knowledge in these areas apart from working on your Algorithms and Data Structures
In EPIC - the interview was focused on a project that you have done. The best chances of cracking such an interview are that either the project is very good or you explain it very well.
However I lacked both since none of my projects (the winter training ones) were good enough or explainable.
Instead I tried to convey my passion for online programming and algorithmic problem solving. I explained the interviewer about the various sites such as codechef and topcoder and how they have taught me new algorithms and DS and coding skills. This did the trick for me. Here I would like to suggest that rather than trying to explain the interviewer stuff that you don’t know, try to explain them stuff that you are really good at. It might not work all the time but definitely has a better chance.
The sites given below are the ones that I have used and like.
There are various others but i haven't really tried these:
What preparations do you advice for various stages of placements?
 I would like to suggest that: 
1] Please don't just dive into MBA preparations without first making sure that you are not inclined towards programming since being engineers (CS/IT) there are chances that you would prefer it over economics and finance.
2] Never go for non-tech just because you feel that you have not done any technical work / projects etc in the 4 yrs and that non-tech is your best bet, at least you have studied courses. You have not even done any courses in the non-tech domain.
3] Go for MBA if you really like it. You can always come back to MBA after a year or so if you don't like SD but you can’t do the reverse.
All CS and IT students: Do try sites such as Codechef, Topcoder and Spoj at least once before making a decision.
For those who like programming, there is a NSIT programming group on facebook, join it and participate in the events that take place and ask for help there if you face problems when starting on these programming sites.
 The best way to prepare for SD interviews is to go through crack the interview and implement each and every function in it on your own.
This way you are comfortable with the coding part of the standard questions and in the interview can focus more on the harder questions that are asked. 
These harder questions are usually extensions of the standard questions. Try to go through previous year questions given on sites such carrercup.
Any advice you would impart to your juniors?
 Finally don't get disappointed or lose hope at any time. If you like what you do, you will surely make it, and there is always lots of opportunities off-campus after the placement season is over.
I have still not stopped doing spoj or codechef completely though I don't get much time now. I regret that I did not start it earlier.
I hope I make sense and my experience helps.
Jayesh Chaudhary
Software Developer, EPIC
COE, Class of 2011
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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