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Harshit Jain (class of ECE 2011) talks to NSITOnline and shares his experience. Focussing specifically on ECE core companies, he sat for the placements and got through Texas Instruments. He also had offers from Synopsys and Maruti.
NSITOnline: Please tell about all companies you appeared for and the placement process for the companies. 
I sat in Adobe, CISCO, MSIL, IBM, JP Morgan Chase and Synopsys on campus and TI off campus.
MSIL (Maruti): The Company had two rounds comprising of aptitude and tech.
Written:The tech round was branch wise. I sat for ECE. Aptitude was very easy hence no special preparation was required. The ECE tech paper had general questions based on MOSFETS, BJTs, LEDs and some from digital too. Good semester studies and a two day revision will help crack it. I’d recommend studying the basics from Sedra and Smith and for digital refer M. Mano. I cleared the written and progressed to the interview round.
Interview: It was on the next day of the written exam. The interview just had one round which was both HR and technical based. The HR questions were asked on my family, likings and what all I had done in the past 4 years. They also asked my preference for not pursuing MS. I answered saying presently I didn’t see the need for pursuing it, if in future my job requires a skill set which cannot be fulfilled while working I might opt for one. The interviewer emphasized more on my communication skills and my confidence. Then he asked my views on CWG.
For technical part, I was asked questions like: What do you know about electronics in cars? I answered saying power steering, ABS, power windows, head lights, audio system, climate control and cruise control. Unfortunately I forgot the most basic use of electronics which was Engine control. He asked me how you will create a circuit that produces a high voltage spark. As I didn't know the exact answer; I said a high voltage difference can be applied between two plates to have a spark and gave a proper answer to support the argument. Thus, i got the job!
 JP Morgan Chase: The short listing was entirely resume based (they will just see the branch and percentage). Straight forwardly the selects are brought on for a GD. We had CWG as our topic so it was relatively easy. Fish markets were absolutely abhorred. I was selected because of my last remark which was bit funny (the selection criteria was above my level of understanding). Next day when the interviews took place, seeing my utterly tech resume I was told that I was very creative! Upon thanking them the reply I received was: We don't need creative people. We need people to work in a time bound stressful environment. Will you be able to adjust in such a situation? If yes why do you think so? I was bowled out and couldn’t give any valid reason to support the condition. Thus I got rejected.
 IBM: The Written was online and purely aptitude based. No preparation was required for the same. Next we had a GD and the topic was on Indian education. The team that was discussing had an entirely disgusted discussion process with full quarrels going on. And curiously we all were selected. The interview began like, “so what coding languages do you know?” I wasn't interested in the offer so said none. I told them my C was also very weak, they could ask me electronics. The interviewer told me he didn’t know much electronics, so he asked me puzzles from Shakuntla Devi. I answered one out of three. He told me to wait for another round but I refused saying, I had to shift in hostel today. 10 minutes later he came and said you have the offer. And I got the job.
Synopsys: The paper consisted of aptitude (basic MBA prep required), digital electronics and coding papers. The digital part had counters, k-maps, NAND reduction, flip flops, SOP and POS reduction and other basic digital concepts. Coding was difficult as some questions were from microprocessor and c language, the rest I couldn't understand. I was selected for the interview. The interview consisted of two tech rounds. First one was core electronics. He asked me about diodes, diffusion in doped elements, then came on to CMOS and emphasized on the sub-threshold region and Body effect in MOS. Then I was asked a puzzle and the first interview came to an end. The second interview started with a complete intro of the company and what it does, I was then questioned on CMOS inverter, its characteristics and modes of operation. Further I was asked about sub-threshold region in MOS and CMOS gate realization questions. Then was the STA question from flip flops on setup time and hold time. A week later the result came and I got the job.
Texas Instruments: I applied to TI off campus via career net. The written had apti which was easy and the technical part being very tough. I scored 25 out of 40(lowest of all the written selects).
The interview did not go nicely at all. I had questions on function realization through MUXes, MUX and latch from CMOS, STA, CMOS inverter and a MOS circuit question. I couldn't answer half of them. Next was the HR round which went for 1.5 hours with questions on based on my resume and why I wanted the particular job. It was difficult to give reasonable answers there. Again there was another tech round with questions on architecture and pipelining. I couldn’t answer much of it either. A month later I was selected.
 NSITOnline: What preparations do you advice for various stages of placements? 
I’d suggest finishing C and DS first. Complete up first 15 chaps of let us C and exploring C by Yashwant Kanetkar. I’d recommend doing DS from a source where you have an ease of understanding. I used DS by Kanetkar (though many wouldn’t advice it). Also do crack the interview for polishing your concepts. For electronics do MOS, BJT, diodes, CMOS and memories from Sedra and Smith. Do all digital concepts of the first 7 chaps of Mano and flip flops and counters from Anand Kumar. Also try referring to online material on VLSI sites. Do go through an STA pdf that floats around during placements.
NSITOnline: How much importance should be associated with academics? Are they the only deciding pointer?
At some point, yes they are the only deciding pointer thus they do matter. But they are surely not the whole and sole criteria for selection. Percentage plus concepts on the respective important subjects for the company you sit for are the deciding factors.
NSITOnline: What all internships and projects did you do in four years at NSIT? Could you elaborate on the kind of work undertaken in them?
I didn’t do any sort of internships. I only pursued projects under Gadre sir. They were simple AVR based projects. I’ll advice students to pick up any passionate hobby in college as it helps ahead.
NSITOnline: Please advice on how to approach teachers for performing projects under them?
Decide in which field you want to do a project. See what the students currently are doing there. Don't approach a teacher just because you want to score a job because of the projects. In ECE, I would advise approaching Gadre Sir or HP sir.
Harshit Jain
Digital Design Engineer, Texas Instruments
ECE, Class of 2011, NSIT
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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