Vijit Singh

 Vijit Singh, COE currently placed in Amazon, also had job offers from Microsoft and Epic, shares his experience……….

What initiated the passion for coding in you? 
I organized Artificial Intelligence challenge in Resonance in my 2nd year. It was very successful and fuelled my interest in coding. I had no computer science in my 11th and 12th, so I learnt data structures in my summers after 1st year. For initial introduction to C I used Yashwanth Kanetkar.
Thereafter I did projects under Mohit Taneja and Manusheel sir. I also did winter school training in IIIT-Hyderabad.
What preparations do you advice for various stages of placements?
I solved 4-5 case studies solved everyday while doing internship. Analysis of code is also very important and should be given priority.
I would recommend the following books:
Dennis Ritchie, Yashwant Kanetkar & Tanenbaum – Data Structures,
Galvin, Yashwant Kanetkar- Algorithms
Please tell about all companies you appeared for and the placement process for the companies.
I had 3 interviews. The interviews were heavily based on OS-Operating Systems. Clarity of code is very important. The interviewer also looks for the passion for the job.
My EPIC interview consisted of telephonic interview, written test and 1 technical interview.
My Amazon interview was based on algorithms.
 I would advise people to practice writing code on paper. It is also beneficial to analyze the complexity of problem and see more efficient ways of solving them. Whenever you write codes in interview, think aloud. It would help interviewer to know your thought process.  

What all internships and projects did you do in four years at NSIT?
I did summer intern with SEETA in my summers. Also in my 5th semester I went to IIIT-Hyderabad winter school. For that I wrote a SOP. The screening process was based on percentage attained and work done so far relating to the field.
For internships, the recruiters look for problem solving skills.
I also did projects under Mohit Taneja and Manusheel sir

Enlighten me about your best memory in NSIT?
During BTP, I had lots of fun, so it forms the best memory for me.
Would you like to impart any advice for the juniors?
 My advice is to interact with seniors. Since ragging has been banned, interaction can be best achieved through involvement in various societies and clubs.
It’s also very important to figure your own area of interest and explore more possibilities in that arena. Also due consideration should be given to academics as they are very vital.
Vijit Singh
Software Developer, Amazon
COE, Class of 2011, NSIT
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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