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 Debonair and genteel; this is how you define Preeti gupta; an ICE Class of 2011 who made her way to IIM Indore with ease.
“Yet to sink in... Me, an IIM student? Pinch me!! Never thought I would get through... Checked my result I don’t know how many times to confirm..!” , is how she describes her feelings  at listening the news of her final selection.
The road to CAT
Preeti joined coaching classes (TathaGat) in October 2010 for writing the CAT in November 2011. Though apart from attending the classes regularly, she did not do much of preparation, and could have very well joined the classes a month or two later; but joining the classes earlier can help one get into the mode of general reading- newspaper and magazines- doing the same things from the preparation point of view, she believes. In her opinion, “things like vocabulary, logical reasoning- they don’t need a textbook. They can be improved upon even without starting the ‘formal’ preparation.” Logical Reasoning being one of the areas she mastered, as she loved solving puzzles for fun sake. Quantitative requires practice; the habit of not leaving your questions in the middle, Verbal she regards for CAT is about common sense. Also it was the analysis report she received for each mock that helped her identify her weak areas.
On asking about her modus operandi for CAT, she says “FOCUS. Go step by step. People around you might try to make you go crazy by blabbering about all the stuff they have read/solved. Do not pay attention to them. Be confident of your preparation”. In her view, getting low marks in mock tests should not deter one in his/her preparations; the key is to know your strong and weak subjects and prepare accordingly.
As far as managing time is concerned, for her, it is all about “priorities”. She regarded getting into a good B-school as the most important thing and rest were secondary. Preparations are no different, one can always find time to do things one really wants to.
GD/PI - Pointers
Talking about preparation for GD-PI, she being a TathaGat student joined TIME GD-PI series, mainly for the gyan sessions as she was not affluent with the current affairs. Amusingly, she attended one PI, zero GDs.
Thus she summarizes it to, “Google is God. Read up as much as you can!”
Experience at IIM
“It’s amazing here. It’s a different life altogether. Life at NSIT seems pretty laidback and leisurely when compared to the chaotic life here. My first term has ended, and to think of it, I didn’t get even a single free day. The ‘official’ ragging phase, elections, midterm, end term, summer placement preparation, festivals, quizzes, pre-reading, assignments- it’s a jam packed schedule. And it feels good to be so busy.” Is how she sums up her experience at IIM-Indore.
For all her juniors at NSIT preparing for MBA or otherwise planning, her message goes, “Read, Pay attention to your mock test results. Find out your weak topics and concentrate upon them. Don’t prepare for CAT out of herd mentality. Remember: Motivation comes from within. Go for it, only if you have pretty good reasons to do it. MBA is NOT the end of the world. What more? You can always appear for CAT the very next year!!”



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