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Lokesh Jain, currently placed at AVAYA GLOBAL CONNECT, is a passout of the 2010 ECE batch. Well, for most of us, his is another success story. But was the journey so easy? Let us have a look at what the man himself has to say...

The placement session for me was a roller-coaster ride. There were many ups and downs. No doubt I had moments when there were more downs than the ups but as is rightly said “All’s well that ends well”.The race for a good job begins with the decision of opting for a technical profile or a non technical one. In my opinion this differentiation of the job is a misconception and what a person really has to decide on is whether to go for a CORE company or a software job. All the preparation you undertake for a nontechnical job is required in the technical profiles too so it is taken care of by itself.

In my case, I can guide you towards an ECE core job. The fact is that I can only give you options and guide you through the procedure but it is YOU who has to make your schedule, do your analysis and the main part STUDY. My percentage was 78 and I had a keen interest in electronics, so my sole aim was to get an ECE core job. I also had interest in MBA so the nontech, i.e. consulting part was always there, by default, with me. I never studied for software, and to be frank I did not even do C/C++ and the regret still lies with me. From my experience, I would always recommend you to study atleast the basics of C/ C++, not to get a software job but to get a ‘back-up’ job. Don’t forget that whether it is hardware or any other technical profile, having little software knowledge (atleast YK of C and DS) is a necessity. I had C++ in 11th n 12th and I think that is what remained with me till the end, obviously with a little depreciated value, but nonetheless it always helped me.


In order to start preparing you should have an idea of what you are preparing for so begin your preparation by researching and narrowing down the companies you want to sit for. Pay nsitlounge a visit since it can provide you with lot of content about every company and test patterns.

Placement season 2010:


ECE students were not allowed to sit for the company.



It was scheduled to come two weeks prior to IOCL (where I was finally placed). With PSU’s not having written tests and my percentage being decent enough I got shortlisted for the interview easily which led me to prepare for my interviews and work on my resume. Speaking of resume, try to keep it in one page and be thorough with everything you write. It is also advisable to prepare a COVER LETTER since most of the nontechnical firms ask for it and making it on the last day reduces our chances of cracking a company. Coming back to BHEL, the interviewers discussed about JAINISM, Robotics (since it was mentioned in my RESUME), current affairs and sports. Inspite of a wonderful interview, I did not get through. Since the next companies in line were non technical I focused my preparation on reading Vault guide for case studies and guess estimates. The non technical firms like Deloitte, BCC, Dunnhumby, Future’s First, Nomura, Smart Cube have a standard procedure of written aptitude test followed by Group Discussion and interview which involves case studies, guess estimates and HR. They say blessings are in disguise. Looking back I can say that it was a blessing in disguise that despite clearing all written tests, Group Discussions and resume shortlistings I failed to convert my interviews into a placement offer. Nothing seemed to be going my way but the rejections made me strong and removed the fear of interviews. I now realize that I never analyzed my faults which led to me committing the same mistake again and again resulting in repeated failure. With determination and certain amount of analysis of the previous interviews, I finally managed to land my first job at INFOSYS. Inspite of the fact that I was never ready for a software job, the moment was exhilarating.



With a job in hand and some newly found confidence, I prepared for ECE Core company Avaya. Since it was a networking company, I revised communications along with other favourites like digital, microprocessors etc. so that I could answer to the question “Which is my favourite subject?” The interview went on pretty smoothly with last question being,” what does J-K stand for in JK flipflops”. I did answer that and the reactions of the interview panel affirmed my result.

With only MBA and MS being the only future prospects in the mind of NSITians, I would like to make a special mention about my application to AIRFORCE technical. I cleared their written (EKT) and went to give SSB in Varanasi. I travelled through RAC reservation of train to Varanasi the very next day after Holi. It was a five day testing procedure involving group tasks, individual tasks, physical tasks, mental tasks and interviews. After the rigorous training programme, only 5 students were selected out of the 190 candidates from all over India. I was fortunate enough to be one among the chosen five. It was a very special moment since the training instilled a lot of confidence and will power in me.


Straight from the heart...

Now, some gyan that I want to share with you guys, some things which you should always keep in mind.

  • “Never get disheartened”. Although easier said than done but it’s extremely important to say motivated and focused and not feel dejected with failures. This will help you in placements as well as in life too.
  • Preparation is where hard work meets luck so for the ones who do not believe in god all I can say is have some faith. Interviews will test your skill and confidence but whether you crack them or not will also depend on luck. Many a times you might feel that people whom you did not consider fit for a xyz company will crack it. Do not despair.
  • Success does not require only hard work, it requires smart work. Believe in yourself and maintain a positive outlook since being an NSITian, you will surely land up getting a job if you put in a little effort.I believe placements require constant effort rather than a day’s preparation. Whatever you did in your school and college life will reflect on your personality.
  • To my friends who think that they have done nothing in their life, wasted all their time having the NSIT SPECIAL THASS, I would like to say that you just need to search within you for the one thing you did that differentiates you from the rest, you have it, as you are a NSITian and that’s my faith, I have seen it practically and you just need to sell that piece of yours.
  • One thing that I forgot to mention was about the percentage, having a good percentage undoubtedly helps, but if you don’t have it, just prepare an answer to reason out, as to why it is low. Show them that you were not a useless chap who wasted all these four years and you have it in you.

For your placement procedure, don’t worry at all. It’s very simple, just like our end semesters just that this time the venue is AUDI and you will be sitting in AC. Rest you will come to know by your placecomm. In these 4 years, one thing that every NSITian learns is to “Never Say Never”.

Chill out and enjoy.

If you are in a fix and unable to make any kind of decision regarding placements, feel free to contact me. I can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . I will be more than obliged to help my juniors anytime.



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