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Every journey you embark upon begins somewhere, for Mayank Aggarwal it began here at NSIT from where he graduated as an engineer in Manufacturing Process and Automation division in 2008. He is currently working as an analyst in Dunnhumby. It might surprise many that the person who founded the NSIT Motorsports and then went on to make a car for the International Competition in South Africa which was judged as the best among the Indian entries in the static competition that included the likes of IIT’s and DCE was more interested in Non technical work, but very few know that the seeds of analysis and leadership were laid during this time only.

Mayank was an active participant of competitions like robowars and carnage but repetitiveness soon paved way for boredom and eagerness to do something better and challenging. Taking inspiration from the car made by DCE the year before, NSIT motorsports was born. The success might illusion a few but the path was not without its share of failures. He says the key point was never losing the belief that theycould do it. People around them discouraged a lot but this belief kept them going and helped them achieve success. The discouragement came in the form of advice from people around them, indifference from administration and lack of sponsorship for the car. It was at this time that the leader in Mayank came out, be it in motivating his own team members to pitch in money for the car as the sponsorship for the same was scarce or convincing the director of NSIT to allocate some funds for the car.

Another experience which he hails as inspiring is his work in training and placement cell. Though the work was given to him the traditional NSIT way (seniors forcing to join ..!), Mayank accepts that it helped him more than he could have imagined. He became a part of the system and got to know how things worked instead of being one of the thousands who complain about the system  and ended up being influenced by it. In his own words,” There was a time when I was angry at being forced to work in the placement cell, yet I assure you that there came a time when I thanked my stars (and seniors) for the same”. Contradicting it may seem but it’s true all the same. His interaction with Human Resource Managers of some companies and his brush with cold calls from others gave him the confidence of presenting oneself. In simple words taught him to sell himself. Further elaborating on his work in the placement cell, he says there is more to the work than what meets the eye. The work doesn’t just include making phone calls and inviting the companies to the campus. From interacting with the representatives of the company to handling the candidates and regulating their resumes all is a part n parcel of the training and placement cell.

His experience during his own placement gives us an insight as to how to prepare for the Non Technical companies. He categorises the same into 3 categories, Case Study, Personal Interview and Guess Estimate. During the case study round, lot of data was given in the form of presentations where the candidate had to analyze the data and then answer the questions that followed. The foremost task during this round is to understand the data for which your analytical skills should be really sharp. Good listening skills help a lot since many a times when you start thinking in the wrong direction the interviewer gives hints to guide you back onto the right track so always keep an eye out for the same. All in all thinking on your feet helps. Mayank compares personal interviews metaphorically with a market where the interviewer is a customer to whom the candidate has to sell himself so he says pay attention to how you dress for an interview. Emphasis on your big achievements help you steer your interview in the right direction. Introspection of oneself is a perfect method of preparing yourself for the interview as they help you answer questions related to your strengths and weaknesses. Guess estimate

His ideology of improvising the existing things and integrating different areas of work gave Mayank an idea to work on an electric human hybrid tricycle as an interdepartmental B.Tech project under Gadre Sir from ECE and Vinod sir from MPAE.  It was a hybrid tricycle with electric motors and pedals with sensors. Originally the plan was to include solar charging as well but due to the increased cost that couldn’t be done. The Gen X symbolises the trend of contributing to the society and more so to their alma mater and so does Mayank Aggarwal. Continuing his association with his alma mater, Mayank has started a mentorship program along with his friends which aims to provide better guidance to the students of NSIT by none other than its own alumni’s. This program is modelled on the system followed in IIM Kolkata and the basic idea of this program is to provide a platform for the interaction of current students and alumni’s. Seniors will be assigned a group of mentees who will be in direct contact with the senior and receive guidance from them in the form of advice for their career, their CV etc. This program is on a volunteer basis where the mentors will be reviewed on their performance from time to time so as to ensure that mentees get enough guidance.

As one may see, the amount of work done by Mayank Aggarwal is tremendous and one can safely say that he made optimum utilization of his time here at NSIT. He summarizes his learning here as follows

    * Never waste a lot of time as it will never come back (Time is Money..!!)

    * Opportunities knock only once so grab the ones you get now, the next opportunity might be better or less but never the same.

    * Do what you really love and if you can’t help that then love whatever you do. Your output will increase marginally. 


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