Harsha Vardhan

 Ever wondered how it would be if NSIT did not have a proper Placement Cell?

Today we boast of an excellent student run placement cell but surprisingly none of us has ever thought about how students got involved with in the entire placement process. Who were the first students to work in the Placecom?

If we ever ask these questions we would be surprised to know that the placement cell was started in 2006 and it was the brainchild of a group of students one among whom was Harsha Vardhan.

Harsha Vardhan, or Harsh as he is popularly known, graduated as an MPAE engineer in 2007 and went on to work in Honda and McKinsey. After his stint at the two companies, Harsha moved to IIM Calcutta to complete his MBA.

Harsha talks with NSITonline’s Mansi Aggarwal about his leadership experience at NSIT and how it has helped him to progress professionally.

Harsh was upgraded from DCE to MPAE in NSIT in 2nd semester. He sums up his experience in one word “surprised”. First day in NSIT was the day when he actually saw students sitting in class, and attending lectures. In his own words he found the atmosphere here at NSIT quite different from what it was in DCE. NSIT was an excellent platform for Harsha to hone his leadership and management skills. Always the one stressing on practical aspects of engineering, Harsha was sure he would end up taking GRE. However his years at NSIT were instrumental in giving his career a different direction and helping him realize his passion for management. His interest in manufacturing prompted him to work as an intern in General Motors. Harsha did a fantastic job at General Motors – so much so that his project manager called him for an internship the following year again. As his participation in different activities grew he realized there were more managerial issues to be solved rather than technical issues.

His first tryst with management of people came when he decided to start a society which we today know as CROSSLINKS.  Not a lot of people know that the inspiration for the same came from an article published about DCE. In Harsh’s  3rd semester an article was published in Horizons which brought DCE into limelight. Harsha realized that to build a positive perception about NSIT, it was important that NSIT get the right media coverage as well. His discussions about the same with his batchmate, Anish Johnson( Stanford University, 2009) gave him an idea of starting a society which would take care of NSIT’s media dealings and would highlight the achievements of students here. An initial draft was prepared which stated its responsibilities as media publicity, starting a newsletter and strengthening of alumni relations After a series of meetings with Bhatia sir and the Director, CROSSLINKS was formed in 2005.

Harsh used his experience and knowledge of Media Publicity as he worked as the Media management secretary in INNOVISION during his 2nd year. If asked to choose between his experience as a media management secretary and Vice president of INNOVISION,2006-7, without a second thought Harsh chooses his media management experience. He explains that during his 2nd year, NSIT was undergoing through a tumultuous time since it was being made semi-autonomous from an autonomous institution. There were a lot of administrative issues and getting any work done during that time was a herculean task. Harsh says publicising NSIT, the festivals and painting a positive picture of NSIT at the time was a challenging job. Harsh fondly recalls Innovision 2006-7 as being the first to be organized by the third years in NSIT’s history. The tradition continues till date. Moreover, Harsha also initiated various new competitions such as  Carnage and Complicato which have gone on to become the main attractions of INNOVISION today. 

Responsibility always excited Harsh and he was always on the lookout for opportunities to make a difference to NSIT. The establishment of the placecom was another such opportunity that he cherishes. The first official students’ placecom was formed with active involvement from Harsh who succeeded in increasing the participation of hardware and nontechnical companies. Harsh describes getting Schlumberger, Toyota and Honda to the campus as some of the highlights of his placecom career.

With strong fundamentals in Manufacturing, Harsh got placed in Honda Siel Cars India. With Honda being a first time recruiter, Harsh decided to go along with the basics. He revised the basics of manufacturing like casting, forging, welding etc for the written round. Some may find it hard to believe but with the job in hand Harsh didn’t get too much time to prepare for his interview for McKinsey( where he joined after one year at Honda), so he ended up just reviewing and preparing his resume well. His interview consisted of three rounds. In each round he was given a case study related to his resume. Harsh thus advocates allocation of proper time on resume preparation.

He continues to remain in touch with Prof . Sachin Maheshwari & Prof. MPS Bhatia, often discussing about the future of NSIT. One can also see him visiting the college campus whenever he is in Delhi, a habit he continues to maintain even after many years. When asked about why he continues to take interest in NSIT and its students, Harsh answers that he would always cherish the years he spent at NSIT.

Harsh further talks about how NSIT is a good stepping platform and the brand value of NSIT could be further increased if only all of us would work with unity.  He strongly believes that the students of NSIT need to stop and think for a moment where does NSIT go from here. The need for unity among students has risen now more so with DCE becoming DTU and NIT opening up in Delhi. He brings the discussion to an end with a thought provoking question

“ Why can’t we strive to give back a little to  our alma mater which has provided us with a brilliant stepping stone?” 







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