Manusheel Gupta

“10 years down the line – Would you be happy with your present endeavours? “

This describes the thought process behind every work that Manusheel Gupta, or Manu as he is more commonly called, does. Manu passed out from NSIT in the year 2008. Although many would like to debate whether he really passed out of college, as one still sees him discussing projects, and brainstorming and finding solutions to technical problems in the college campus as he used to – during his college years. Manu presently works as an Associate Product Manager for Servigistics in Gurgaon. His 2nd job is that of guiding and mentoring his juniors at NSIT. Manu is mostly remembered as the NSITian who made it to MIT Media Labs for a summer internship with One Laptop Per Child(OLPC) after his sophomore year (2nd year of engineering college), and as the NSITian who continued to visit MIT almost every summer and winter to work with OLPC.

NSITonline’s Mansi Aggarwal interviewed a very humble (and slightly uncomfortable to get interviewed) Manusheel Gupta about his experience over the past years.

Learning from his environment

A self motivated individual, Manu has always had an urge to do something unique and to create unique opportunities for him and others alike. He credits the environment around him, both inside the classroom and outside of it, for the constant motivation and ideas that led to his spending a successful time here at NSIT. Interaction with fellow students and, sharing of ideas, knowledge, and opinions helped him a great deal, more than one can imagine! Not sure why we say this? Read on to find the answer.

Initiatives taken by students all around him at NSIT often motivated Manu. When asked about the one thing he likes about NSIT, Manu spoke of the enthusiasm in NSITians to do something big in life even when no one is willing to help. This probably has led him to continue his association with NSIT even today in the form of a student adviser. Manu attended seminars in first year when everyone else was happy to enjoy the freedom college life afforded. Even though the discussions in auditorium required guidance from seniors yet the new innovations instilled in him a sense of thought (and also saved him from the then trend of ragging..!)

It may be hard to imagine that Manu is best known as the senior (and junior) who went to MIT Media Labs –One Laptop Per Child for an internship in his 2nd year at NSIT. What is harder to imagine is that motivation for this could come from his interaction with his seniors , And what is hardest to imagine is that the thought which motivated him was not that he had enough technical knowledge to apply to one of the best engineering school in the world. What   drove Manu was the confidence in himself that he could deliver on time and over time when asked to do so, that he could learn as and when the situation required him to, and that he could create an impact with whatever knowledge he gains. In the course of his study at NSIT he went to MIT 5 times where he grew in his position from an intern to software engineer, project coordinator to technical advisor. His period of internship was a time when he experienced newer technologies as they were born, saw how the different platforms were build which were used to further the course of technology. His association with MIT Research Groups continued during following semesters but he also focussed on the society he had been asked to work for in his first year itself.


Managing multiple responsibilities and understanding the importance of team work and building long lasting relationships.

Thus, began his journey with a society which we all today know as CSI NSIT. This journey began as one of the founding members which led on to him being the chairman of CSI NSIT. He inspired people to work for what they believed and provided them a framework to think. He credits his supportive team for all the success CSI managed during the time he was leading it and emphasises the fact that human beings can never succeed alone. He as an individual made sure that if he succeeded his team members weren’t far behind from success a mantra which he continues to follow even today. Manu believes in building and developing deep and meaningful relationships with his peers. He believes in sustaining and evolving both the work that he does and the relationships that he develops with those around him. Manu despite his hectic work schedule has continued to maintain his relationship with NSIT and its students, by helping the students in any difficulty they face, motivating them and giving new ideas. Even though both MIT and CSI demanded his attention he managed to juggle his time such that he never had to compromise on his classroom studies and percentage (which was always around 80). Though he wished for a 3-day college schedule many a times. He believes in maintaining his relations with anybody he has worked with and the best example is his association with his peers and advisers at MIT Research Groups even today

His mantra for success

·      Prioritise your work and then work accordingly

·      Understand your thought process and then decide what you want to do instead of blindly following anybody

·      Interaction with peers, seniors and juniors benefits in a number of ways as everyone has something unique to offer

In the end he advises
·         Attend regular classes and maintain notes as they help (a simple thought you may think, but words of wisdom from someone who has tried this approach!)

·         Establish your areas of interest

·         Learn inside and outside classroom as both offer unique perspectives

·         Never jump around domains unnecessarily and believe in long term planning.

·         Make opportunities instead of just working on the existing ones.


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