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Before I begin, let me tell you something which I learnt during my placement session.

First, Don’t lose heart over rejection. Few rejections in the initial phase do not mean that one stands nowhere or the preparation is inadequate. Just hang in there, introspect after every reject where you went wrong and keep learning so as not to repeat your faults. More importantly keep studying and make sure you face your next interview as if there were no rejects.

Second(for people looking for tech jobs), apart from getting one’s fundamentals of algorithms and coding straight, one should also give due importance to the quant, aptitude and vocabulary as its skill set is of utmost importance during written test and most  technical companies do use them as parameters to filter out candidates. That doesn’t mean one has to prepare like CAT/GMAT aspirants but make sure you know the kind of questions, shortcuts and are quick enough to solve a question.

Third(for people looking for non- tech jobs), wont comment much but no company expects you to be masters for their field of work. Just be aware of guess estimations and case studies vis-à-vis Deloitte and Bain. Make sure whatever you say in front of your interviewer should make sense and you are able to substantiate it with some logic.

Fourth, percentage matters. Maintain your percentage above 70 and it is always advantageous to be in the top ten list(for companies short listing resumes). But if your percentage is no where close to the threshold, you should have something on resume to justify it by which I mean something very substantial to convince the interviewer and negate low percentage.

Sequence of Jobs

My first job was Aricent and the euphoria was unmatched. The selection process was not very rigorous. Just a written test with questions on programming, algos, C, quant and DI. Even the interview wasn’t grilling, just checked basic coding and C fundamentals, though lasted for approximately 30 mins.

After that I had really troubled time when faced several rejections either in the written or in the interview. After a month’s turmoil I managed to get through Amdocs which provided some reprieve.

Finally it was the day of September when Bain and Microsoft were slated to visit on the same day. Bain’s interview was supposed to start by noon and Microsoft scheduled written in morning. I managed to clear the written and what I recollect is I was juggling Bain and Microsoft’s interviews during rest of the day. Fortunately I was through Bain & Company, Inc. but Microsoft took another interview the next day, ousted in the last round.

I had 3 rounds of interviews with Bain. The first two were guess-estimations and finally a case study with the manager/partner.

I hope the content proves useful and I wish everyone good luck for future endeavours.

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