MPAE Curriculum



Semester 1

  • TH1 MA-101 Humanities
  • TH2 MA-102 Mathematics I
  • TH3 MA-103 Physics I
  • TH4 MA-104 Chemistry
  • TH5 MA-105 Manufacturing Processes
  • PR1 MA-106 Engineering Drawing
  • PR2 MA-107 Physics I Lab
  • PR3 MA-108 Chemitsry Lab
  • PR4 MA-109 Workshop I

Semester 2

  • TH1 MA-111 Electrical Sciences
  • TH2 MA-112 Mathematics II
  • TH3 MA-113 Mechanical Sciences
  • TH4 MA-114 Science of Materials
  • TH5 MA-115 Mechanics of Solids
  • PR1 MA-116 Electrical Sciences Lab
  • PR2 MA-117 Mechanical Sciences Lab
  • PR3 MA-118 Introduction to Computers Lab
  • PR4 MA-119 Mechanics of Solids Lab
  • VS1 MA-120 Programming

Semester 3

  • TH1 MA-201 Machine Drawing and Graphics
  • TH2 MA-202 Manufacturing Processes II
  • TH3 MA-203 Electro-Mechanics
  • TH4 MA-204 Analog and Digital Electronics
  • TH5 MA-205 Technology and Society
  • PR1 MA-206 Machine Drawing and Graphics Lab
  • PR2 MA-207 Manufacturing Processes I Lab
  • PR3 MA-208 Electro-Mechanics Lab
  • PR4 MA-209 Analog and Digital Electronics Lab
  • VS1 MA-210 Programming I

Semester 4

  • TH1 MA-211 Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery
  • TH2 MA-212 Control Systems
  • TH3 MA-213 Mathematics III
  • TH4 MA-214 Manufacturing Processes III
  • TH5 MA-215 Management of Manufacturing Systems
  • PR1 MA-216 Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery Lab
  • PR2 MA-217 Control Systems Lab
  • PR3 MA-218 Manufacturing Processes III Lab
  • PR4 MA-219 Practical Training
  • VS1 MA-221 Report Writing
  • VS1 MA-222 Programming II

Semester 5

  • TH1 MA-301 Machine Tools,CNC and Automation
  • TH2 MA-302 Transducers and Measurements
  • TH3 MA-303 Tool Design
  • TH4 MA-304:
    • Industrial Control Systems OR
    • Information Systems and Data Management OR
    • Communication Principles
  • TH5 MA-305 Microprocessors and Applications
  • PR1 MA-306 Machine Tools Lab
  • PR2 MA-307 Tool Design Lab
  • PR3 MA-308 MA-304 based Lab
  • PR4 MA-309 Transducers and Measurements Lab
  • VS1 MA-310 Programming III

Semester 6

  • TH1 MA-311 Robotics and CAM I
  • TH2 MA-312 Computer Graphics OR Telemetry and Data Transmission
  • TH3 MA-313 Applied Plasticity
  • TH4 MA-314 Mechanical Design
  • TH5 MA-315 Metrology aand Statistical Quality Control
  • PR1 MA-316 Robotics and CAM I Lab
  • PR2 MA-317 MA-312 based Lab
  • PR3 MA-318 Forming Processes Lab
  • PR4 MA-319 Mechanical Design Lab
  • VS1 MA-320 Practical Training
  • VS1 MA-321 Programming IV (AUTOCAD)

Semester 7

  • TH1 MA-401 Introduction to CAD and Product Design
  • TH2 MA-402 Moderate Methods of Manufacturing
  • TH3 MA-403 Industrial Electronics
  • TH4 MA-404 Elective I
  • TH5 MA-405 Elective II
  • PR1 MA-406 CAD Lab
  • PR2 MA-407 Moderate Methods of Manufacturing Lab
  • PR3 MA-408 Industrial Electronics Lab
  • PR4 MA-409 Practical Training
  • VS1 MA-410 Programming V (AUTOCAD)

Semester 8

  • TH1 MA-411 Mechatronics or Artificial Intelligence
  • TH2 MA-412 Elective III
  • TH3 MA-413 Elective IV
  • PR1 MA-414 MA-411 based Lab
  • PR2 MA-415 Elective III and IV Lab
  • PR3 MA-416 Major Project
  • PR4 MA-417 Practical Training
  • VS1 MA-418 Seminar and Reports



Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology

Azad Hind Fauz Marg, Sector-3, Dwarka, New Delhi - 110078
(An Autonomous Institution of Govt.of NCT of Delhi)

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