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The coolest branch on campus - Instrumentation & Control Engineering

In India, students who prepare meticulously for engineering entrance examinations are ubiquitous and so are those who daydream about getting into their fabled engineering branch.
When I started my preparation for the entrance exams, I could not imagine that I will land up at something as unique as Instrumentation and Control Engineering. In fact, I will candidly admit that I heard about the branch when I first started with the counseling procedure for NSIT.

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ICE Research Focus

This division specializes in the areas of Process Instrumentation, Sensor Technology, Mobile equipment, Industrial Electronics. etc. The Current fields of research are:

Instrumentation & Control Engineering

 Instrumentation & Control Engineering

Started in 1989, this division offers many courses in Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering also apart from a variety of courses from Instrumentation Technology, modern control theory, Biomedical Instrumentation, Robotics, Industrial Electronics, Computer Controlled Instrumentation, Artificial Intelligence etc. 

There is hardly any area of Engineering, Science and Technology where Instrumentation in one form or the other is not needed. As a certain process is becoming more and more automated, the need for a closer monitoring of inputs and responses become more obligatory and the instruments at the component and sub - system levels tend to become more and more integrated. Full cognizance has been taken of this situation while planning instruction in this area. Students do intensive use of microprocessors and Computers to understand the hardware and software aspect of Intelligent Instrumentation.. 

It ensures better quality and increased productivity in industries. It is also used for diagnostics in health care, environmental pollution measurement and in all fields of advanced research and development. Instrumentation Engineering is a multidisciplinary program drawing on several disciplines: electrical, electronics, computer, chemical and mechanical engineering, material science and biomedical engineering. Flexibility in curriculum is provided through electives enabling the student to choose subjects to their own fascination and career objective. The main emphasis is on process instrumentation and control. Advanced tools and techniques like VLSI design, MEMS, signal and image processing, optoelectronics and intelligent instrumentation are also included.

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ICE Curriculum


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ICE Faculty

The faculty listing for ICE is as follows:

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