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The passion for coding took birth way back when I was in class ninth. Being from an ICSE background, I was introduced to ‘java’ then itself. I found it better than any science subject (and arts of course!) This prompted me to opt for computers as my fifth subject after tenth. And here I learnt ‘C++’. Another amazing computer language! Driven by the desire to pursue a career in the field of computers, I craved for Computer Engineering (COE) as my stream at NSIT; for going by the trend, COE was what the top rankers opted for every year. However, my entrance exam rank was an impediment between me and my desires; and thus I landed up with IT here.
NSIT as an institute caused in me disillusionment to some extent. The administration’s apathy, outdated syllabus (all streams except IT!), poor faculty quality, are some of the many things about NSIT that made me feel disappointed initially. But let not that alone form an opinion of NSIT in your mind!  On a positive note, NSIT still stands out as one of the best colleges in terms of placements; the reason being its meritorious students. Yes, ultimately it’s the students that define a college and its environment. The college may not teach you sufficient, but NSITians still learn enough (through self-study) to excel in GRE and CAT as well. The ‘Delhi benefit’ only adds-on to the endless list of advantages of being an NSITian!
Moving on to my stream; one year down the line, I feel IT in NSIT is an icing on the cake. After all, it has the best placements, reputed faculty and a syllabus that’s more updated and bulkier than that of any other branch. Those of you who feel COE has an upper hand over IT, let me tell you that IT’s course was decided by a group of senior professors from IITs, NITs, NSIT and DCE along with inputs from NASSCOM and other companies. While COE deals with the study of computer and operating systems, IT deals more with programming, databases, and applications. Thus if someone is interested in computers, there is a very good chance that he/she will find IT more interesting than COE!  IT’s new and enhanced syllabus ensures good understanding of concepts, which helps in both placements as well as higher studies. Gone are the days when COE used to stand out in terms of placements. In such a small span of time, IT has started taking the lead. As an example, this year, for the first time someone from NSIT got recruited by Facebook. And guess what his branch was. Yes, it was an IT student who bagged the highest salary from the batch of 2012! With IT giants like Google, Adobe, Microsoft etc. visiting the campus, there are opportunities galore for ‘us’!
In terms of future prospects, IT is surely going to see an exponential increase in popularity in the days to come. With duties that IT professionals perform including data management, networking, database and software design as well as management and administration of entire systems; Information technology is starting to spread further than the conventional personal computer and network technologies. In the days to come, communication needs will continue to increase and so will the demand for Information Technology, to improve the functions of e-mail, instant messaging, weblogs and wireless communications.
In retrospect, I feel I have a reason to celebrate: I got lucky because of the unawareness and stereotypical nature of Indian society. It’s time that prospective students of NSIT shed their intransigent attitude and make informed and wise decisions, rather than just following the crowd. Those who still believe that COE is the best branch, are sadly deluding themself. 5 years down the line, I am sure IT will no longer remain ONE of the coveted branches of NSIT, but will become THE coveted branch of NSIT!   


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