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 CAD Lab


A recently upgraded lab, the 'ACAD' has Multimedia equipped Pentiums, running on WindowsNT. The final year students have priority here, since they make their crucial Projects on these machines.

The CAD lab is the used throughout the entire stay at NSIT, for most of the minor programming courses are also carried out here (like Fortran, Lisp and Cobol). This lab presently has a Super Mini Computer DRS 6000 and Pentium II computers. It is also stocked with printers and other peripherals. All the required development tools like Compilers & Assemblers, and RDBMS (Ingres) are available here.


 Graphics Lab 


 Computer Graphics, Multimedia and Vision Laboratory is one of the best lab in COE Division. It is equipped with all state of the art facilities to work in this emerging field and geared to meet all the requirements of B.E. , M.Tech. and Ph.D. students. It is best known for a number of Silicon Graphics Indy Workstations, which is the joy of NSIT.
The currently available Hardware
· INDY Machines with R4400 RISC processor-06 Nos..
· O2 Machines with R5000 processor-03 Nos.
· P-IV, P-III, P-II Machines -19 Nos.
· Scanner, Plotter, Printers (DMP, DeskJet, Laser, Color wax printer) etc.

The currently available Softwares

  • Flint Image processing software.
  • Maya software.
  • Adobe Frame Maker
  • Adobe Page Maker
  • Adobe PhotoShop
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader and Writer
  • Compilers ( C/C++)


 General Computing Lab



Database Lab 


 Also known as SUN LAB, the pride of NSIT, the lab is the latest addition to a wide array of laboratories available to the computer enthusiast at NSIT. This lab has the necessary infrastructure for carrying out research in the field of networking. It consists of:
SUN Sparc Servers
Classic Workstations
20 X-terminals
C, Ada, Oracle, Sybase, C++, Motif, & CASE Tools


Software Engineering Lab/Object Orientation Lab




Distributed Computing and Networking Lab  



 Computer Archititure Lab

Microcomputer/UNIX Laboratory

The UNIX lab is the first lab that students use, generally in the second semester mainly for Pascal Programming, and later for C. It is equipped with many terminals running on a Pentium II server.




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